Apple delights!

  1. :heart::heart:I finally got my Apple first!! I have been wanting Apple green for such a long time!! I really wanted Becca's Apple City, but just couldn't afford day I hope to get a city but the first is a great start!! Now my coin purse has a companion!!:yahoo:
    Appledelights1.jpg Appledelights2.jpg Appledelights3.jpg
  2. Congrats.... !!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: I love the colour!. Such a cute collection!!:heart: :drool:
  3. OMG, it's gorgeous! What a color... :love: The cherries look too cute!
    Congrats and enjoy!!!
  4. OMG :nuts: :drool: CONGRATS HandbagAddict...... :flowers: it's just GOERGEOUS :yahoo: .... I especially would die for the apple coin purse :drool: :heart: !!!! Thank you so much for sharing ! ENJOY your 'apples' ;) :tender:
  5. Congratulations! Your first is gorgeous. This is definitely my favorite b color.
  6. :love: GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!:love: I love the mini coin purse too! SOOO cute~ love the little charm on it!!!!:tender:
  7. That is BEAUTIFUL. I love love love it!:love:

    Well done. I am green with envy:greengrin:
  8. Love it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks ladies!! I am just so thrilled to finally have it!! It will be a great colour for Spring/Summer and to wear with my Summer outfits, I can't wait!!:heart:
  10. congrats!! love that color.. pops out!!!!
  11. Congrats, it's a stunning color.
  12. i love it handbag congrats !! :smile: i hope to get an apple first one day too :smile:
  13. Gah! I love this bag, congrats! :wlae:
  14. Your bags are soo cute and the cherries!!!! TDF
  15. Very cute! Love the cherries too!:heart: