apple day!

  1. oooh, i wish it's a weekender
  2. It's sooo pretty and bright.. how large are the hobos anyway? they look very big.
  3. it's 14.5"h x 14.5"w x 5"d
    compared to city : 10"h x 15"w x 5.5"d
  4. Good luck with the sale Acegirl! Gorgeous bag!
  5. It's such a nice summer-y color.Love it!
    Good Luck getting rid of it, i certainly would have a hard time getting rid of it.:sad:
  6. I was SO surprised this didn't go the first time around!!!! It's an INSANEly good deal girls..... go get it!
  7. I know!!! It's a great deal! I hope a Pfer gets it! :heart:
  8. It's gone. :love:
  9. Congrats, Edna!!!:yahoo:
  10. uh-oh Edna... have you been bad? (aka really really good? :yes: ;) )
  11. :wlae: yay! edna, congrats on the apple day! fabulous!:yahoo: this one has been haunting me. i have it in the first... but kept thinking i might need it in a bigger style. thanks for saving me.;)
  12. Thanks, Pupsterpurse!

    mocean, yeah....I think this is my 3rd bag in 2 weeks. My boyfriend was giving me dirty looks. He thinks I've been very bad. But we all know I'm good. :lol:

    esile, glad I could be of assistance! :P
  13. WOW edna ..... CONGRATS to this GORGEOUS apple day :flowers: :yahoo: !! It's amazing, you will see ..... I've the same bag and I still LOVE it so much :love:

    Congrats acegirl to the sale .... the hobo will go to a very lovely new home :yes::love: