Apple Conditioner on My Flap

  1. Hi gals

    I just wanted to report that I used Apple Conditioner on my Jumbo Lambskin Black flap and was thrilled with the results! It made the leather more supple (I think this bag might be 10 years old) and gave a very slight sheen. I have to admit I was nervous about using it but it was wonderful. The bag was in great condition and didnt appear to even need it but after doing it I am glad I did.
    I thought I would post this in case anyone else was on the fence. I did however do a "test spot" on the leather under the flap just incase something went wrong. Please note I used CONDITIONER and not CLEANER. There is a difference.

    Hope this helps someone.

  2. i love that conditioner too!
  3. I was so scared using it! I thought I was going to mess my bag up!

  4. I love that conditioner. I just did a bunch of my bags, preparing for April Showers...

    I slathered it on my Mulberry Tooled Bayswater, otherwise that bag is the sort of leather that will show every scratch and raindrop. It feels wonderful doesn't it?
  5. selena have you ever tried the shining monkey spray and if so do you have any idea which is better for leather/fabric bags?
  6. I heard so many good things about that conditioner but I cannot find it anywhere in Canada. I have a roxanne, does it work on darwin leather?
  7. This conditioner, is it labelled "Leather Care" on Coz apart from that, all I see is the Apple Cleaner, Apple Suede n Nubuck Cleaner, and Apple Garde itself.

    ETA: Disregard that qn. I just found out it is indeed that:smile:
  8. Hi
    I have not tried Shining Monkey. I am not interested in that. I know alot of people use it with great results but I am nervous. The Apple Conditioner couldnt be more gentle. It was exactly what the bag needed, even though I didnt think it needed anything! LOL
    I am going to use it again today. I think that a second treatment will make the leather super soft. The lambskin on this bag was perfect but after applying the conditioner I realized it wasnt as soft as it could have been.

  9. Heya Selena, did you buy your Apple stuff in a drugstore or grocery, or is it only online?
  10. I bought it at Burlington Coat Factory for $4.95.

    But you can get it online at

  11. I did a second coat today and its even better!
  12. yah! thanks for the website! just ordered some and they even ship to canada! :biggrin:
  13. Is this labelled as "apple leather care cream conditioner" on
  14. yep, that's what i ordered
  15. Hi, just wondering how much s/h was to Canada? Coz I got mine from and I'm in Australia - s/h via Global Priority was $29.50 USD. But when I checked and pretended to order and checkout, the shipping came to $35.00 USD! Btw, I got 2 of the 8oz bottles of conditioner from I could only fine the 4oz bottles in daytimer.