Apple Conditioner 4 Aussies and other non-US

  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post but it's related to handbags so, I figured it's not under "general" but I dunno. If it is, mods pls feel free to move:biggrin:.

    Anyway, I've come across a few fellow Aussies here in the PF who wondered what to condition/protect their leather bags with. We know of the highly recommended Applegarde but thought it was only available to the US from So.. I sent them an email and got a reply that they do ship overseas, Aus being one of the countries:biggrin:! They ship via Global Priority and s/h is $29.50USD:blink:. I was gonna just order an 8oz bottle but decided to buy 2. The shipping was the same when I checked out. The process was all fairly straight forward and pain free.

    I hope they'll ship today (US time). Those of u who ordered from them, do they send u an email to let u know they've shipped?

    Hopefully I'll get it early next week. Will def keep u all updated.

    Btw, the stuff is the Apple Leather Care. It's a lotiony thing, not a spray and it's a conditioner not a cleaner.:biggrin:

    ETA: YES! Got their email that they've shipped as well as a tracking #! Woo hoo!