Apple condition Whiskey Ali or NO???!!!


Apply Apple Conditioner to Whiskey Ali???

  1. YES, I ALWAYS apply apple conditioner to my legacy bags before using them.

  2. NO, I DO NOT apply apple conditioner to my legacy bags at all.

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  1. Hi, everyone! I just received a GORGEOUS whiskey Ali as my Christmas present!!! I do remember reading on this forum that some people use apple conditioner on their whiskey legacy leathers before using them, and some dont. I would like to know if those of you who have applied the conditioner to a whiskey bag are happy with the outcome or did it spot/stain your bag? The care card says to do nothing to the legacy leather. Also, how often, how much, etc should I apply? ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE ME WOULD BE WONDERFUL!!!! Do you, or do you not condition your whiskey leathers??!!! Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you all!!!!
  2. Merry Christmas to you too and congrats on the beautiful bag!!! :tup: Post pics and modeling pics!!! :yes: As far as apple goes, I had never heard of it before this forum.. now I Have used it on my bags, including my legacy bags.. I don't think either way is wrong or right, just personal preference. I just put it on my whiskey 06' shoulder bag and it just made her look even richer and more pretty. For me it just makes me feel better about protection, but leather is tough and durable and just enjoy the bag, and post those pics girl!!! :yahoo:
  3. Thank you so much for responding!!!!! I'll take pics once I get my new camera which is STILL under the Christmas tree!!!! I cant open that until tomorrow! I was afraid to put the conditioner on the whiskey for fear that I would stain her or cause spots. The care card scared me!!!!!
  4. Because of the characteristics of whiskey, I personally would not. I would just let it "mature" naturally with time and the elements.
  5. I am a fan of Apple Guard conditioner, and I have used it on my LV's and black Coach Willis bag with fabulous results, but I have not used it on anything Whiskey.
  6. I think based on the replies in previous threads on this, it'll be split 50-50 and you'll have to make the call...
  7. Well, I just received a GORGEOUS whiskey Ali AND a GORGEOUS natural Ali for Xmas (I'll post pics later), and I was on the fence about conditioning them as well!!!! I read about the apple conditoner when I purchased some in the summer, and decided to condition them! Whiskey Ali is all done and looks GREAT! She is coming "after Xmas shopping" w/ me tomorrow!!!!! Now that she is conditioned up I dont have to be as afraid!!!! I think ALL leather needs to be protected w/ something from the outdoor elements. I have ALWAYS sprayed my leather coats and non Coach bags in the past w/ leather spray prior to use, and I am treating my Coach bags the same way now!!!! So, I vote YES to apple conditioner!!!!
  8. I purchased my whiskey Legacy Hippie this past spring from the outlet and it had a few scuffs on it. I decided to use the Coach conditioner/moisturizer on her and it totally evened her out and made her color deeper and richer.
    I received the whiskey Ali for Christmas (a few days early) this year and since she was already a nice rich color I opted not to condition. She's been out and about with me and has gotten some scratches but they just don't bother me on this leather like it did last spring. I think it has to do with the fact that she was already "perfect" when I received her whereas the Hippie looked more like it had been handled and had come from the outlet. KWIM? I think it's just psychological on my part.
  9. Personally I don't touch any of my leather bags with any products, I just don't bring them out in icky weather (that's what signature is for ;) ) but I have read that alot of girls do put the leather conditioner on legacy bags and it hasn't changed the colour or texture.
  10. Anyone Else!!!!! Please Help!!!!!
  11. I conditioned both my black and whiskey alis and they look great. Plus, new scratches on the whiskey rub out much more easily after the leather was conditioned. :tup:
  12. Thank you!!! Do you happen to have closeup pics of the Ali's after you conditioned them? I have never conditioned a bag before and I am WORRIED, but I dont want to leave it unprotected either! Thank you for your help! :tup:
  13. I took whisey Ali out this AM and it started to rain. I had applied Apple when I got her for Xmas, and there are NO spots on her AT ALL from the rain!!! Any wetness just dried right in!! Just wanted to let you know!
  14. Where do you get this fabulous Apple conditioner? Does it work better than the Coach Leather conditioners?
  15. I also own the whiskey colored Ali. It's a beautiful bag..congrats! I personally use Shining Monkey leather protector on all my bags, especially Vachetta leather. This is the best I have seen not to darken Vachetta, which happens with exposure to light and oils in your skin over time. In your case, the problem with your Ali is that many lotion conditioners can cause it to darken or spot in areas. I have not personally used Apple products that much, but I can tell you that a SA applied the Coach conditioner to the Legacy whiskey wallet to remove the scratches, and caused it to an unattractive way. Most of the time spots and stains will eventually work into the leather over time, but sometimes they do not. In this case, the wallet still showed the dark spotty areas. If you like a distressed vintage look, it's not a problem. Also, if you don't like scratches, that's why a lot of people use the will make the leather softer and make it easier to remove additional scratches. I would use care, though and test an area underneath first with a small amount.

    As far as rain spotting goes, yes, rain will spot this Legacy line if you use nothing. I used to use nothing, but in general, I don't find the whiskey color to be as much of a problem as the clay color, though, with spotting and scratching.