Apple computer / Firefox question

  1. Hi I have a macbook and use the newest version of firefox. I was looking at the firefox themes and tried to download a couple that looked fun. They said "download successful" but didn't "take."

    I assume this means most of the firefox themes hosted on their web page are only windows compatible?

    Thanks for any info. :tup:
  2. ^^Yeah, that should be what it means :yes: Have you checked all your downloads folders? They might have gone somewhere you weren't expecting.
  3. It should tell you on the theme which version of Firefox they're compatible and which OS. Confirm that first.
  4. Most of the themes don't say what they're compatible with. That's what makes it so confusing.

    They say download successful and restart firefox to install. I do that and nothing changes! Phooey.
  5. did you activate the theme when you downloaded it? i just did one to check, and when it had finished downloading a window came up and i highlighted the new theme and clicked on "use this theme" or something along those lines. then you need to restart it and it should work.
  6. Sure it does...right above the Download Now button. Also, a lot of times the developer will give notes about which OS it works with. Read all the notes and reviews to confirm.
  7. THIS was my problem! Thank you! I am using a Halloween theme now, will switch to something else on Thursday. :tup:

    Thanks also to Charles for your suggestions. :smile: