Apple Classique BIN 1350 OBO

  1. mmmmhhhhhh .... yummyyyyyyy :nuts: :nuts: :wlae: !!
  2. I mean no disrespect but the colour reminds me of Kermit the Frog! :P

    It's not my colour, but seriously, what a gorgeous bag!
  3. I have this exact bag & it is amazing!! I hope someone here grabs it. You wont not regret it!! Mine was worth every penny!
  4. 0o0o thats SO yummy!!! some days I'm actually glad ppl dont ship overseas!!! hehehe!!!
  5. who bought it?!
  6. Yikes ... $1350 for an Apple First (Classique)???? WOWOWWOWOWO :wtf: :wtf: :nuts: !!!

    Geez ... maybe I should consider ... naaaaaah; it took me far too long just to get mine (see pic below ... its got it's Boobie too :lol: !).
  7. Do you ever actually have use for the Mini? It's so adorable ... it would make a good B-bag for a doll. ;)
  8. Actually, I do! When traveling, I put my iPod, earphones, wires, etc. into the Mini ... everthing fits perfectly!!! I've got a use for all my B-Bags!