APPLE CITY.... I have to vent!!

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  1. Maybe Im over reacting, but I have a friend who has an apple City Bbag which she NEVER uses at all. So I have been asking her often to please let me sell it for her here, letting her know she could make someone really happy along with cash in her pocket. Anyway to make a long story short, she was telling me today she decided to clean out her closet and get rid of the old to make room for the new. I never thougt twice about it. So just out of curiosity I asked again if she wanted to get rid of her apple city yet. She says " Oh yeah, I already did, I gave it to the Goodwill (thriftstore) along with my other junk":amazed: WhAAA???:wacko: So me, I freaked out called the store and the person at the check out says, "Oh yes, that bright green square bag with the rope on the handles, we sold it today for $10.00:Push: . I am freakin' dying!:amazed: :mad: :sick: :Push: !!!!!!!
  2. *has a heart attack*

    Crap! She has know she just flushed a grand down the toilet, doesn't she? Besides the fact that someone who could appreciate this bag could've gotten it!
  3. Im still feeling a stroke/heartattack coming on!
  4. oh my gosh.....did she really sell it for $10....OMG......
  5. Oh my gosh I feel your pain! I went to goodwill after regretting giving them my crappy old boat shoes, but a BALENCIAGA??!!! Heart attack totally justified!!
  6. Sure did! My friend didnt, the thrift store did:sick: :wacko:
  7. oh



    i may faint. i'm feeling lightheaded. the room is spinning.
  8. Wow. That's brutal. Well, someone just scored the deal of a lifetime!
  9. And whats worse, they probably dont even know it:wacko:
  10. Oh gosh I wonder if the person who bought it knows that it's worth a lot of money..... If we see it up on ebay then we'll know... hehe
  11. wow! what a find for that lucky person at the goodwill store. i wonder if they even know what they have... and if they do i'm sure they will post it up on ebay, so watch ebay everybody!!!
  12. Oh my gosh! That is so true, I had never even thought about that:idea:
  13. wow, i stopped breathing there for a minute.
  14. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I wonder how the person who got it feels? I mean does she even know that's a Balenciaga?!
  15. You and me both, I dont think I have started breathing again yet!
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