Apple Bbag

  1. If anyone is still looking for an apple bbag kohsamui in england have 1 they may have more they are authentic bbag sellers just like criket and browns
    hope this is of help to someone
  2. thanks no.1chicken!
  3. Aaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhh :mad: :sick: :evil: ; I was JUST in London last week ... I really should just GIVE UP ... I'm never going to get the Apple Green bag :sad: !
  4. CeeJay,
    are you looking for the city or the first?
  5. CITY !!! First is way too small for me (at 5'10" ... I look ridiculous carrying it!)
  6. I called kohsamui this morning and they said they had apple green, maganta, ink, emerald, and loads more in different sizes!
  7. is magenta the old or new leather?
  8. REALLY ... do they still have the Apple ... the heck with the Emerald (it's going back anyhow ...). Does anyone know the number for Kohsamui?!?!?
  9. Hey ladies,
    does anyone know what time it is in London right now?? CeeJay, I just might be able to help you.
  10. It would be +5 from EDT (so ... at 5:59PM EDT = 10:59GMT); probably too late to call.
  11. If Ceejay doesnt want the apple First, you have an eager taker right here :biggrin: PM me if your interested in selling.
  12. Hi specialK,
    actually CeeJay is looking for an apple city. Unless she has changed her mind.:suspiciou :biggrin:
  13. If you type "Kohsamui london covent garden" in google some info and number should pop up.
    If you can't find it I'll give it to you if you want :amuse: . Hope you find the apple! I'm really tempted to go to the shop tomorrow and check what they have in person.
  14. Magenta and Apple are old leathers.