Apple and Acid?

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  1. So I bought an acid Rockie off of the bay and like most I am terrified of color transfer from jeans. I purchased the Apple Garde Stain Repellent and I am just wondering if it will be safe to use on acid colored lambskin?
  2. BTW this is the pebbled version not the smooth one
  3. I've never tried a stain protector on any leather, but maybe try and test a small patch before you treat the entire bag? Like on the leather "Alexander Wang" patch on the inside of the bag. That way you can see how it effects the color first.

    If color transfer does happen though, I've found that the Mr. Clear magic erasers work pretty well for removal.
  4. Thank You, I will definitely be trying small amount first on the bottom of the bag.
  5. I used Apple spray on an acid Fumo wristlet and it was fine. I'd still recommend doing a test patch first, but it should be ok.
  6. Thank you for the feedback that is great to hear.