Tech Apple Airport Express - Networking Issues

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  1. Ok, so I'm hoping someone here can help with this issue.

    I have a Macbook connected to the internet using a 2Wire router from AT&T U-Verse. The router has the WORST wireless signal so I've been using it with an ethernet cord, which sucks cause I can't use the computer anywhere but in the living room.

    I bought an Apple Airport Express base station to replace my router - my thought was to use the 2Wire router as a modem and get my wireless access from the Airport Express. I can't seem to get my Airport Express to broadcast a signal unless my computer is connected to the 2Wire router via ethernet, which defeats the entire purpose.

    Any computer networking geniuses that can help me out?
  2. I'm not a genius, but I'll offer my 2 cents. Why don't you just chuck the 2-Wire, and use the Aiport Express alone? It doesn't need the 2-Wire to get the internet.

    I have AT&T (but not U-Verse... just DSL). A cord goes from my phone outlet to the Airport (mine is an Extreme) and that's it. Instant wireless internet with no wires to the Macs.

    If you just start from square one, like you never had another router and are just setting up your Express for the first time, it should work OK. If not, since you just got it, you should be eligible for help from Apple. They have messageboard full of geniuses at

    Good luck! :smile:
  3. Well I'd like to chuck the 2wire router, but the only input jack on the Airport Express is an ethernet connection, and the wire coming out of my wall is a phone line, so it needs the 2wire router to convert the signal.

    I've done some google searches and it looks like this is a known issue and has everything to do with AT& I might just not be able to use my Apple Airport until I get rid of AT&T. I might be moving soon so hopefully there won't be an issue in my new place.

    Thanks stardust girl for your help!
  4. Have you called them yet to troubleshoot the problem? When we first got ATT uverse, my DH complained to them that the speed was slow. So ATT uverse fixed it remotely by changing our settings (basically by changing the channel). I think DH said that sometimes the channels broadcasted by the cordless phone and the router can muck each other up, so by putting them on different channels, you can get a better signal. Er something to that effect. lol.