Appetizers for cocktail party

  1. Hi, I am hosting an engagement party this weekend. I was wondering if you could help me with the appetizers. Dips, finger foods, etc. Any receipes would be great or any suggestions! Thanks!:yes:
  2. Now you're talking. I love nibbles! Hang tight for some of my favs....gotta go get my 'book'!
  3. Ok, of cousre the book is missing...I will find it.

    Some easy favorites.

    A cheese tray, with apples, pears and grapes
    Melon and prosciutto
    Stuffed Pasta shells
    (boil the big pasta shells a dente, and stuff with antipasto salad)
    you can buy any deli anitpasto salad or make (see below)

    antipasto salad
    151/2ouncesgarbanzo beanscan, drained6 1/2ouncesartichoke heartsmarinated1/2cupred bell peppersroasted1/4cupblack olivespitted, drained, sliced2bunchesromaine lettucetorn into bite-size pieces1/2cupsalamilow-fat, sliced1/2cupmozzarella cheesepart-skim1/4cupparmesan cheesefreshly gratedDressing2tablespoonsolive oil1tablespoontarragon vinegar1 1/2teaspoonstarragon vinegar1/4teaspoonprepared mustard1/4teaspoonworcestershire sauce1eachgarlic clovecrushed1dashpepper15 1/2ouncesgarbanzo beanscan, drained6 1/2ouncesartichoke heartsmarinated1/2cupred bell peppersroasted1/4cupblack olivespitted, drained, sliced2bunchesromaine lettucetorn into bite-size pieces1/2cupsalamilow-fat, sliced1/2cupmozzarella cheesepart-skim1/4cupparmesan cheesefreshly grated---------------------------------garlic dressing------------------------------2tablespoonsolive oil1tablespoontarragon vinegar1 1/2teaspoonstarragon vinegar1/4teaspoonprepared mustard1/4teaspoonworcestershire sauce1eachgarlic clovecrushed1dashpepper
  4. ^Thank you! I love the idea of the stuffed pasta shells!
  5. 1) buy a log of goat cheese, either make homeade marinara or use your favorite canned sauce. put marinara over the goat cheese, bake for 15 min. serve with crackers

    2) artichoke dip
    1 can of artichoke hearts
    1/2 cup mayo (may add more/less based on pref)
    1/2 cup sour cream
    1/2 cup parmesan
    1/2 cup mozzerela cheese

    mix together, cook until bubbly
  6. Have you ever had "hot chicken wing dip?" It is SO GOOD and SO EASY to make...I'm at work so I don't have the recipe with me....Just google that and you'll find one....Do yourself a favor and make extra and freeze it for yourself later......It's too good and it goes fast! MMMMM...Want some now!!!
  7. I have a few easy things for you to do!!

    1) Southwestern Ranch Dip--takes one packet of Southwestern Ranch Dip Mix, and one normal sized container of sour cream--I embellish the dip with chopped up green chilis and shredded cheddar cheese--mix it into the dip before serving with Fritos or tortilla chips

    2)Dill dip and raw veggies

    3)Rotel dip--you will need 2 cans of Rotel chopped tomatos and chilis, and 2lbs of Velveeta cheese--combine in bowl, microwave, and serve with tortilla chips--you can downsize this recipe to 1 can of Rotel and I pound of cheese, as well

    4)Cream cheese and Rasberry chipotle sauce, or jalepeno jelly
    Get a brick of cream cheese, and pour either of the two sauces listed above on top of the cheese, serve with crackers

    5)Mini-quiche--you can buy these frozen, and bake them right before the party starts--definitely a party fave

    6)Pizza dip--this is served cold--get a pizza pan and spread a layer of cream cheese on it--pour a jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce over the cream cheese--top with pepperoni bits, shredded cheese, olives, green pepper bits, chopped up onion--any topping that you like on a pizza--serve with toasted bread slices or your favorite flatbread

    7)Tapenade and crackers--most stores have tubs of prepared olive tapenade--this is wonderful with crackers or flatbread

    Hope this helps
  8. gosh, just reading this thread is making me super hungry.. i want those...
  9. Those are great tips!

    For an addition to the rotel dip I also cook a pound of ground beef and season it with taco seasoning and add it to the dip. It's awesome!! I also heat mine up in a crock pot and just serve it in that as well to keep it warm!

    OMG DEFINATELY do the The cream cheese and rasberry chipotle it is t die for. I serve it with water crackers!
  10. here's an amazing dip recipe for crudites or crackers, you name it! Credit goes to my (late) grandmother and my Aunt:

    1 C sour cream
    1 C mayo
    1 small tub soft cream cheese
    1 1/2 tsp dill
    1/2 tsp curry
    1 1/2 tsp Beau Monde spice (Spice Islands carries this)
    1 T minced onions (dried)
    1 T chopped parsley

    Just plop it all in a bowl and mix! It's super easy and every time I entertain people always ask hey, what was that dip? :wlae:
  11. When I'm in a hurry and don't want to cook, I prep the following:

    1. prosciutto batons -- i parboil some tender, thin, green asparagus, dip in olive oil and white wine vinegar, then wrap three or four spears in a slice of prosciutto -- so easy and sophisticated, and you can serve it at room temperature or slightly chilled. you can also use garlic breadsticks in place of asparagus, or serve both for variety!
    2. sun-dried tomato cheese -- you'll need thin danish crispbread or any other type of cracker; a tub of cream cheese (non-whipped) or your favorite soft white cheese (rind removed), and a jar of sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil (cirio is a good brand). pulse the tomatoes in a blender or chop them by hand. press into the bottom of a small mold along with a good quantity of the olive oil it was packed in, and then cover with the cheese. when ready to serve, just unmold onto a serving plate and send out along with crackers.
    3. if you have even a simple toaster-oven, you can easily grill some brown or field mushroom caps stuffed with: lump crabmeat mixed with thyme, softened cream cheese, salt, pepper and spring onions. brush the caps with olive oil inside and outside; stuff the mixture into the caps, and grill for about 3 to 5 minutes depending on how large the mushroom is.

    all the preceding suggestions are great too! i have lots of new ideas for my next gathering. but do tell us how your party goes!
  12. Where do you get rasberry chipotle sauce?

    Also try Pickapeppa Sauce on Cream Cheese.
  13. In Texas, I usually go to Central Market to get it--but any grocery store that has a good sauce/marinade section should have it. Now that I think about it, I believe that I saw it at SuperTarget as well.
  14. Congrats on your engagement!!:balloon:
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