Appetite spike...heeeelp!

  1. All of a sudden I am hungry all of the time, and it's making me extremely angry. I watch my diet, and I'm not pregnant. I actually lost a significant amount of weight earlier this year and I have no desire to gain it back. I've been eating Slim Fast Optima bars to combat my sweet tooth (one per day), and I stay away from all soda. I eat home cooked meals, lots of veggies and little fruit (too much sugar in fruit). I only drink water and occasionally Crystal Lite. Any suggestions for food that'll help me stay on track? I have no food allergies or medical problems. Even anyone's weight loss successes would be helpful. I need ideas for food that'll keep me satiated. Thanks.
  2. I'm no expert, but I think protein helps a lot with appetite control. Maybe eating a little more lean protein in your meals will help combat the hunger. Also try eating oatmeal at one of your meals. I find it helps me stay full longer. Good luck!
  3. I say protein too... and lots of fiber!! I would say not to stay away from the fruit because of the sugar though. The sugars in fruits are natural and not added.
  4. I vote for protein, too. I would boost your protein intake and try to have protein with every meal. String cheese with cut up fresh veggies or whole wheat crackers for a snack, for example. Other good protein sources - chicken, lean beef, turkey, fish such as tilapia and salmon, shrimp, egg whites, beans, also powdered whey protein supplement.
  5. Assuming you're taking no meds that might cause this, I'm on board with previous posters--protein and more fiber will be satisfying for someone who feels unusually hungry.
  6. I like Campbells Soup in a Can althought the sodium is kind of high it helps when Im feeling crazy hungry
  7. yeah, fiber fills me up well. I agree with oatmeal. Also beans are filling and good for you and not a lot of calories.
  8. Great thread! Keep the suggestions coming.

    **Any recommendations for yummy whole wheat cracker brands?**
  9. Health Valley makes a chili that is no salt added. The whole can has only 6% sodium which is pretty much unheard of in anything canned. It's only 300 calories and 2 grams of fat. It has 80% of your fiber needs and something like 60% protein I believe? I use the salt substitute to add a little salty flavor to it and put lots of pepper. But I have it for breakfast a lot (yes, weird... chili for breakfast) but it keeps me full and starts things off right.
  10. Eat avocado. Has lots of healthy fats and vitamins. Eating fat will make you feel satiated.

    And remember that these appetite spikes will disappear again.
  11. MMM yes, avocado is delicious. I love veggie subs on wheat. It's nice because if you're on the run and you have to eat fast food you could get them pretty much any sandwich shop (although quizno's only has guacmole which isn't just plain avacado). But skip the mayo and oil dressing and load up on the veggies. The best!!!