Appetite Problem and Eating Out Etiquette

  1. I seem to have lost my appetite.

    I can't eat that much at one sitting anymore. But a few hours later I will become very hungry again.

    It's an issue in restaurants because I will be full after one appetizer or approximately half an entree.

    I don't want to waste food, but I really cannot eat more more than one entree (if that).

    Is it okay to not order an appetizer, entree and dessert at an upscale restaurant? (I feel it's okay just to order an entree at a low to mid-end chain restaurant but at a hot trendy restaurant?) I hardly order wine too (not that big of a drinker, I only have it if whomever I'm with orders it).

    I just feel really bad if the check is low. I know restaurants want to average a certain amount per table....

    What should I do? What is acceptable?

    Thank you. :flowers:
  2. You should order whatever you want, including just an appetizer. Why do you feel bad if the check is low? It is not your responsibility to assure they make "a certain amount per table". Leave a nice tip if you get good service!
  3. I agree with Irishgal!

    In Australia it's not necessarily expected that you'll tip like it is in the US. If the establishment has a minimum $ value / table, they usually put it on their menus.

    If it's the % of cheque(ck) that designates tip that you're concerned about, just leave a generous tip! :smile:
  4. I don't think you have to order an appetizer, entree and dessert. Seems like too much.

    On a side note, I can't remember the last time I actually cleaned my plate at a restaurant. Don't feel bad for leaving some behind. Or, better yet, get a to-go box and take it home.
  5. Split an appetizer with someone and then order an entree. (And maybe dessert?)
  6. Sometimes when I go out for dinner I order 2 entree's (one as an entree and one for main) as sometimes I'm either not all that hungry or I prefer what's listed on the appetizer list.

    Don't feel pressured to order a full 3 course meal.
  7. Yeah I agree with all of them. you shouldn't feel like you have to buy more.
    You're not forced to eat more than you can take ^^.
    order what you feel like eating and enjoy your time ;) and don't stress about it.
  8. In most countries tyou can order as much or as little as you want. In other countries e.g. Italy it it customary to order at least two courses in a proper restaurant, I'm not suire if that includes dessert.
  9. No matter what the price range of the restaurant, order what you like, and if your order is significantly smaller than that of your dining companions, simply tip as if you had ordered more.

    I would also discuss the change in appetite with your doctor. Depending on your age, it could be "just a phase," and in fact at any age, it could be insignificant from a health standpoint, but as with anything involving your well-being, it is better to err on the side of caution.
  10. I just order what I want. I usually order an appetizer and a salad for my meal and just ask that it gets brought to the table at the same time as everyone else's meal. I just find that the appetizer's are usually more appealing and if the salad is a 'dinner' size then I usually just ask for half. I usually make up for the price difference with my bar tab! And if the server is accomodating then tip them well.

    My attitude is that if I'm finally able to get out and have an nice dinner WITHOUT my kids, I'm going to order what I want, how I want it and not give a crap what they think. As for the etiquette part, I would never do this at a fancy French, nouvelle-cuisine place where everything is ala carte and fancy, now that's a different I fantasize about French Laundry...anything in the Napa/Sonoma area, yum!
  11. I always order at least the entree. I almost never order dessert. Order what you can consume. :yes:
  12. It's perfectly acceptable to just order an entree at a nice restaurant. Perhaps you could split an appetizer with your companions and just have a small taste. As far as beverages, just water is great or maybe a mineral water or club soda and lime (my favorite non-alcoholic drink). It's also very light!

    I never feel compelled to order dessert. In my opinion, most restaurant portions are far more than what we would have at home. By the time dessert rolls around I'm happy with just a cup of decaf and more great conversation :smile:

    If your loss of appetite persists I would recommend getting that checked out. Otherwise, enjoy!
  13. Agreed, most places I have drinks, an appetizer and a salad or two appetizers and I have never had a waiter be snooty about it.

    Of course if I am eating with my SO, I can order something that I know is more than I can finish if it is something that he likes too.
  14. My dad always says that if you don't want to finish something, it's more of a waste to force yourself to eat it.

    (And something in there about the money for the food isn't as important.)
  15. Thanks for the advice. :flowers:

    I usually eat with Europeans ... they find sharing strange. They will order the same appetizer as me even though we are only eating half each.... Same with dessert....