Appealing credit card dispute decision in seller's favor..possible?

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  1. #1 Feb 10, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2010
    Has anyone tried to appeal a decision made by a CC, or am I screwed?

    Sorry if this is long winded...

    Last June I bought 4 items online from a shop in St.Barts. I spent over $600 plus customs fees, return shipping and alterations...

    Two weeks later I took two of the items on vacation, one item, a large tunic shredded at the seams after wearing it less then two hours where I was either sitting or laying.
    The other item, made of the same material(loose woven burlap looking described as linen)I didn't wear in fear it would do the same. I also noticed the seams on this were starting to pull apart and I had never even worn it. This item also was tunic fitting as well..(several inches too large),

    I emailed the retailer and told her what had happened and that I wanted to return the two items and she refused stating I had a week to do so and I missed the deadine(by about 2 weeks), she also stated that the linen was a 'special' linen.
    (So special, it falls apart after wearing it one time..:censor:smile:.

    Hoping I could somehow salvage the 2 items, I had the seams reinforced with ribbon.
    The tunic was still large on me and loose fitting, I tried it on, bent over and the seams split AGAIN!
    The other I didn't even try on.

    I opened a dispute with my CC card, sent in everything they asked for, including photos..twice. Talked to them several times each empoyess acting clueless
    to the details of the dispute, which they kept saying it was for the full amount, $600, and I had to keep reminding them that it was for $400, not the full amount...
    I was told to ship the items back and to make sure the items were traceable.
    I thought the customs # would suffice..and stupid, stupid me, I had
    only insured the 2 items for $75 dollars because I thougt she she may not accept the items should there be a high customs fee, and she stated on her website that she will not accept returns unless preapproved, and this was not preapproved...and all I was asked to do is show proof of shipping from my CC co...

    Well, the box was shown leaving Miami 10 days after shipping and that's where it ends last fall.

    Seller is now claiming to have never recieved the reurn and Chase CC has sided with her. I was told by my CC co that this is a 'risk you take when buying internationally'..I told her the risk was using a Chase card and believing I was covered.
    Im out the items and about $500, plus the time I spent and numerous calls etc.

    I know it's sitting in customs and she hasn't attempted to pick it up..

    I filed tracking papers/claim with the Post Office and they told me the item is scanned at customs and since there is no scanning info, she probably didn't pick it up.
    Why it wasn't sent back to me..Im guessing it's lost.
    I hope to get my $75 from the PO in a few months, I was told.

    I feel it's pretty obvious that the seller isn't accepting the package, since her website states that she won't accept unapproved returns and the fact that customs never scanned a pickup..
    she is playing the system, and I'm screwed. I should have known better to not get higher insurance and more traceable shipping..I didnt ship Express, I shippied Priority.
    I had spent so much on this and I was only due back the $400, so I cut corners..
    Over 1000 Ebay transactions and reading this board's horror stories, I cant believe I was so stupid.

    Is it possible to appeal the CC desicion?
    Do you think I have a case?
    I really don't want to speak to the last person handling my she was the decision maker, and was the one that told me that buying internationlly was risky..
    so Im strying to avoid speaking with her further about this..

    I will be canceling this card if they dont refund my money..I hope the $400 was worth it to them, as this was my main card and they made mucho $$$ off me. It's more of a principle thing now..
    This is my first dispute with them, so I'm not a 'problem child/whiner' etc..
    and my second dispute in the last 4 years..

    Please advise..
  2. Did you show your credit card company the proof that the post office shows that it made it to customs and has not been picked up? Hopefully, they will see that the merchant is trying to stall the process by not accepting the item.

    Also, make sure you speak to a supervisor when you call!

    Good Luck!
  3. Yes.
    I was told there is no proof of delivery.
    This doesn't make sense to me..
    since she is not picking it up..
    there will be no proof of delivery.

    I was going to take the supervisor route, but wanted to know if disputes can be appealed and take that route first,
    if not the supervisor will hear from me.

    Thankyou for your advise.:smile:
  4. BOA never sides with the customer. Good luck though
  5. It was a Chase card..
    which was used as my primary card, now it's my gas card..
    I hope the money they lost in future interest from me was worth it to them..
    I have other cards to use, and will cancel this one in the next 6 months which will effect my FICO score..
    as much flack as CapOne gets, they've been good to me....

    Im still with out the product and the money..
    Lesson learned.

    Thankyou for your support.