Appeal for help: bow satchel colours

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  1. #1 Jan 11, 2016
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    Hello! Sorry to resurrect a topic about a long-discontinued style, but all the wonderful colour reference pictures have disappeared from the first post of the original "bible" thread ("All About the Bow Satchel"), and I just can't find comprehensive enough information anywhere else about each of the seasons' releases (the info just isn't on the website). :nogood:

    Does anyone have the photos saved somewhere?

    And/or can anyone remember and kindly name the colours from the first release, before the leathers went shiny? I think I recall that the first generation included Alluminio, Sughero, Fumo... what were all the others?

    Thanks in advance!

    ETA: ...maybe I should get a bit more specific. I'm looking at all the grey-toned bags, but in the "old" style leather (before they went shiny). Some of the grey colours I know of are: Alluminio, Astro, Graphite... but I'm not sure which of these came in the oldest style of leather. Can any kind wise soul shed any light on this, please?
  2. Hello! Check out She has a great color reference library.

    I am not sure where you are located, or what size you are after, but the US Prada outlets have had some small bow satchels in four or five colors, but in the glazed leather.

    Re: grays, I have Fumo and love how it is pinky purple gray color.
  3. Thanks, morejunky, but as I said in my post, doesn't list the colours by year of release.

    Yes, I love Fumo too, but what I'm looking for is definitely not that! Basically I'm trying to identify a colour, not to buy one :smile:

    May I get even more specific? I'm basically looking for all the names of the colours in the 2007/early 2008 release (which I think is the first lot). Can anyone help?
  4. Great thread, I am a collector of 1st two season's bows and cannot find the color list anywhere! I bought a bag recently and cannot seem to identify the color! And yeah, the mentioned blog is of no use!
  5. I know there were Mughetto, Nero. Sughero, Alluminio, Fumo and I cannot remember the rest.
  6. Anyone? How can we find out? miumiu experts, please resolve the mystery!
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    There was also rosa, nube, palissandro, ibisco, trifoglio, petrolio, amarena, zaffiro, talco, deserto, graphite, agave, cameo, cipria, azzurro, astro, grigio, pomice and I have one other color I can't remember the name. But I will check the ID card tomorrow.
    The bow bag came out in sooo many colors..
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  8. Even in the first two seasons? I don't think there were so many colours in the first seasons with matte leather.