Apparently Im Getting A Bag For VDay? Help Me Solve This Mystery!

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  1. Ok, this is weird.

    The guy I refer to as BF is technically ex-BF, but for all intents and purposes he is still my guy. We live together and all that jazz, aren't looking, still operate as a couple. Yadda yadda. Still referring to him as BF.

    When I used to live in DC there was an older guy - like in his 40s when I was 19/20ish. He worked with the company I worked for indirectly but we saw a lot of him. Nice guy. The second I leave the company he decides he has a thing for me, but seriously - ew. Lets call him DB.

    At the time I knew DB, about 6 years ago I was dating JR. After we split I had lost contact with DB as he had taken a new and significantly more high profile job. About 6 months later I started up with BF and then guess who reappears but DB. Hes a pretty classy guy so it doesn't surprise me when he states that he will never poach or try to steal someones girl. Hes convinced eventually Ill be single again and he can move on in.

    Almost 4 years ago I moved to NJ to be with BF, about a year after that I get an IM from DB who is now based in NYC for work and CT for home (lots of abbreviations!). He hadn't heard that I was in NJ, but once he found out the reason I was here he was bummed. We occasionally chat and he checks in, etc. A few months ago we had some emails going back and forth and he was a lot more serious about the fact that even though I live with BF, essentially as his gf, that I am still single and shouldnt be sending away guys who come my way. He has never sent me a gift to "woo" me (part of his no poaching policy) but said in an email last month that since I was going to be home alone on VDay he should do something to help me enjoy the day. I ignored that, I assumed it was sexual - boy was I wrong!

    I got an IM from DB last week asking me what I was up to and I told him I was on my newest obsession, TPF. He laughed and said he had a niece on here. I assured him it was the foremost authority on all things handbag related. I was explaining how I was on a purse hunt and that the TPFers were helping me choose. He asked if I was getting a lot of good advice and I told him all about how everyone was helping me pick and there was so much info about so many different bags that it would be hard to pick just one!

    Then tonight I got an IM that said he was serious about making my VDay memorable and wanted to send me something that proved he knows me and my style. He said he had called his niece after we talked last week and sent her on a purse hunt with several requirements. He wouldn't tell me what they were, but he did say that what came would reflect all the best parts of me. In his words:

    "Classic and classy, with just the right amount of bite. Versatile and able to fit in with just about anything or anyone. Beautiful beyond belief, subtle yet exotic, and most importantly - a rare find that anyone can see is hard to come by and virtually one of a kind."

    That last part was in bold, so I assume it has some sort of meaning.

    I am stumped. It could be anything! I know he expects nothing from me in return, this isn't a "let me be your sugar daddy" type of deal or anything, but I am nervous because this will for sure be a very expensive gift. I will have to consider sending it back and will probably consult BF as to his thoughts on the matter.

    Its making me nuts trying to figure it out, but my limited knowledge of the luxury handbag world is making it even harder to come up with guesses. Since TPF is apparently the inspiration behind this choice of gifts I figure my best bet is asking you guys what your thoughts are on the matter.

    Deciding to keep it or send it back will be something to deal with when its actually here. For now lets enjoy the guessing! Pictures please if you have one available as I will likely have no idea what you are talking about!

    My guess is that since he put his niece on the case she probably looked at my previous posts and "wishlist" to see what I was interested in, but he might have still gone another direction.

    Help me unravel this mystery!:confused1:
  2. I also want to mention that this place is insanity - Ive bought 3 new bags since I joined 10 days or so ago and now this! Its like Ive gone from wanting ONE new bag to being purse crazy!
  3. No one has any thoughts on this?
  4. Yikes, I don't know what it could be! Let us know when you get it!! :yahoo:
  5. I definitely will - I already said if he was being fresh Ill sell it on eBay so Ill need the TPF experts to help me if thats the case!
  6. wow I have no idea but your very lucky.
  7. i dunno...i'd feel a bit weird being someones GF and accepting exspensive gifts from another man, but that's just MHO
  8. This is a REALLY weird situation, I know. But how can I say "sorry, Im with someone" if that "someone" wont actually make a commitment? Im not refusing something from a nice guy if BF is not willing to take on the full time title of BF again! DB is a REALLY nice guy, and honestly I wouldnt accept if he wasnt aware of exactly whats going on now.

    Ive come up with a few guesses based on my wishlist and the popular items on the site:

    MJ Quilted Stam
    BE Love Me Mini (could the title be a factor?)
    Tano BB

    Then again - since BF was consulted, his thoughts were a Birkin, based on the fact that he has no handbag knowledge and even still knows this is basically the holy grail of classic bags.

    I dont know. Im tryin to have fun with it for now since i know it will be a LOT of questioning once I actually get it!
  9. um...:ser, i still wouldn't take it...:supacool:
  10. I understand what youre saying, but honestly without a 3 page long post it would be hard to explain. Imaging you were married and had kids, then got divorced but stayed in the same house for a while. Thats how my mom tried to explain this arrangement to my dad. Haha.
  11. Well, since his niece is a member, he probably knows all about this post. That might make him feel really uncomfortable.
  12. /\ i kinda agree........
  13. Hahaha, RF I was hoping you would chime in since you have all the bags ever made - although I was hoping you had an idea as to what this is going to be! This is a weird situation but as of an hour ago BF is ok with it since he says he cant stop anyone from doing anything bc we arent exclusive - the living together has just made him a lot closer to the action! We sleep in different rooms and everything so he says until we are officially a couple he is fine with anything that makes me happy. Odd, bc he is actually intrigued to find out what it is as well, and though he wont admit it Im sure hes thinking he should have don
    e something as awesome for me!
  14. You are so funny! I wish I had every purse known to man. Tell you what: I am going out of town this week (Tuesday thru Saturday), but when I come back I will make a list of my bags. You will see that I am just eclectic!

    Hmmm. What bag do I think it is? This is a challenge. I will think on it.
  15. I swear to beans, every time someone posts a brand specific thread you pop up like "Oh, I have 16 of those, theyre ok, but I prefer my 73 other Blahblah bags"!!!

    Its hilarious! But we love you. And you are a wealth of knowledge!
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