Apparently I can't resist really really really dark chocolate...

  1. I had a plan. It was perfect.

    1. I was going to FSH -- just a little fly-by -- to check on an order.
    2. I was not going to buy anything.
    3. Especially not a bag.
    4. However... best to keep an open mind... So, if I were to buy something, it would have to be truly special (preferably in COLOR).

    The door opened for me in my frayed denims and comfy sneakers. Now, the fragrance counters are probably strategically placed by the door to ensure that all customers promptly lose all their inhibitions, and all I can say to that is... it's very effective! The VVIP manager recognized and stopped to greet me. Okay, please note that I am not a VVIP, but he's probably seen me around and thinks he recognizes me from somewhere, just as I thought I knew him from somewhere -- likely from seeing his photo in tabloid pics of Victoria Beckham leaving with various purchases. A couple of SAs also stopped to say hello and told me that my SA was in the next room.

    As I threaded through past the bag displays and scarf counters, I chanted my little mantra: no bags, no bags, no bags...

    The store was quite busy, and I could barely see my SA over the throng at the bag counter. But what I did see, just sitting there, beckoning to me... was this baby, and the entire mission self-aborted. It was :heart::heart::heart: at first sight. But I heard a SA tell another client that it had already been sold. ( :sad: )

    Nevertheless, I am very much afraid I drooled...

  2. That bags brings tears to my eyes. Its simply GORGEOUS. LUCKY girl. (OH!! Also, you Hermes ladies have the BEST stories about how you fall into handbag purchases that I have ever heard! LOL)
  3. Just beautiful!
  4. GINA......this is stunning! Is it Ebene Swift?
  5. Gina

    I just love your FSh stories...congrats.:yahoo:
  6. OMG...It would have been a crime to leave w/o her!!!! She is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Gina: FINISH THE STORY!!!

    How did you get her after she'd been sold?
    Keep going darn it.......

    And is she Swift, Chamonix? Hard to tell:smile:
  8. OMG......she's SUCH a tease!!!! LOL!!!!! And here I am with my coffee just hitting "refresh" every few seconds!!!!
  9. I just want to bite it! Seriously, it's stunning!

  10. ohh man, I need to hear the rest of the story, but I have errands to run.

    BEAUTIFUl bag gina . . . that is the pretties brown I have ever seen. I just told my SA yesterday that I wanted chocolate brown . . . I need to know what kind of leather you beauty is
  11. GINA!!! LOL, finish the story!!!

    The chocolate is just delish - yum...and fabby! Congrats!!!!! Now, SPILL!!!
  12. Ooh...that Ebene is delicious! Now PLEASE oh PLEASE finish the story!!!
  13. WOW! The gold hardware on chocolate! Delicious! Just makes the choc pop! Continue with your story please, gina!
  14. Gina- pls hurry! I have to go to work!
  15. After wandering around the store a little and greeting and being greeted by just about every SA on the floor and even the security guards (they're all so friendly, and it's nice to see how they perk up the more people smile at them - like anywhere, really, I thought - they're only human, after all). I resisted flirting with a couple of the handsome ones -- I mean, I was there on business, after all, right?

    I did a bit more people-watching from the chair underneath the stairs.

    You can tell a lot from body language and tone of voice, and it's interesting to see the SAs' reactions.

    A couple of well-dressed women (lotsa bling, too), who told the SA at the counter that they were from NY, asked to see the birkins they had, and grew annoyed when told there were none in stock - apart from 2 HACs in chocolate and black with PH. They pointed at the birkin I'd had my eye on, and were told again that it had been sold. The women reluctantly moved on to kellys and couldn't decide between a 32 gold togo retourne with PH and a 32 gold swift retourne GHW, and eventually left in frustration.

    Another woman (fairly well-dressed, carrying a Chanel handbag) rushed up to the counter - elbowing past two old women carrying vintage croc kellys - and asked "Have you got any birkins?" The startled SA recomposed herself quickly, but said, "No, madam, I'm afraid not." But before she had got as far as 'madam', the woman had swung around and stalked off. I hoped she wasn't someone's personal shopper; if so, they ought to ask for their money back.

    There was also a cute Asian couple buying a 25 fuschia ostrich birkin - the wife looked so adorable! She also looked adorable with the croc JPG kelly mini, and tiny blue bolide they also bought.

    The two American women came back, tugging one of their husbands along, and pointed at the Bag of My Dreams, still there on the counter. They wanted it. And made it clear in no uncertain terms to a nearby SA. After some consultation with another SA, they were once again told that it had already been sold, and it was tucked back into the box, out of sight. ( :crybaby: )

    I was waiting to see who had bought the Bag of My Dreams, but no one claimed the box.

    By the time my SA was free, I casually asked what they might have in birkins and was told there were none left, other than a 35 potiron clemence with PH. At that moment, another SA came by to whisper something, and my SA gestured to the box I'd been eyeing for the past half hour. "... and this one as well."

    "I thought that one was already sold."

    "No, no."

    Apparently, an elegant older couple had been considering it, but just then decided on a 37 mou bolide in etoupe clemence!

    My SA took it -- a 35 ebene evergain -- out of the box for me to try on along with the 35 potiron clemence, but it was really a no-brainer.


    Evergrain is so so soft to the touch, and I love it just as much as swift. It does scratch, but they rub off easily with a finger rub. I imagine over time and use this baby will develop a lovely well-worn, yet elegant look.

    After handing over my credit card (so much for the best laid plans of mice and H addicts), my SA offered us a table and an espresso, water, and a fizzy drink - though I could have used a G&T, frankly. :p But I was already pretty high. I'm not a gold hardware person normally, but the combination of the ebene and gold felt perfect.

    And I had to wonder, is it possible for a bag to choose you?