Apparently I attract jerks?

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  1. I'm not sure why...but everyone who seems to be interested in me turns out to be incredibly rude, egotistical, and critical of everyone but me (most of the time). It's the wierdest thing...I don't think I exude that in my personality, at least.

    For example, I was at Barney's with a guy I was dating a couple of weeks ago and he was completely talking down to the saleswoman about how this certain pair of jeans are "overpriced" because they "lack quality" and then after she left, he went on about how my jeans are ugly and basic (just basic black jeans...). And then we went in the elevator and he wanted to make out.

    Every guy that I end up dating is like this in some way. I suppose it'd be no big deal to me if they became actual relationships. Most of the time, emotion plays absolutely no part in it. :shrugs:

    I guess I'll just wait until college to find a real relationship-like-thing. That would make more sense anyhow.
  2. And then we went in the elevator and he wanted to make out.

    Question --

    At this point, why were you still standing next to him?
  3. Good question. Loneliness? Boredom? The whole "well, maybe it'll change" scenario? I'm not quite sure, most likely a combination.

    In any event, I broke up with him last week (this incident was about two weeks ago) following some other things that shall not be mentioned...
  4. Awww keep your head up!!

    I know for a fact there are TONS of great guys in Chicago!!

    My fiancee was born in Chicago, and he is super hot AND sweet.

    I didn't meet him until I was 18 or 19 years old though...just be patient!!

    It will be soooo worth it when you find a guy who treats you the way you DESERVE to be treated :smile:
  5. I love the saying:

    Takes kissing a lot of frog to find a true!

    Hang in there.
  6. LOL
  7. He sounds like a major douche-bag... Good thing he's gone!
  8. I suspect you just hit the nail on the head (or the bozo on the nose??) as to why these kind of men are attracted to you.

    If you project (without consciously doing/knowing it) loneliness or boredom jerks totally pick up on that. Honestly, I think that kind of man has a radar for women that are not as emotionally strong to reject them out of hand.

    I speak from early (late teens/early twenties) expierence here. :Push:

    Try exuding confidence in yourself, know that you deserve someone awesome, and mostly importantly, BE PICKY!!! There are PLENTY of men out there to choose from, so be CHOOSEY, line 'em and interview 'em first if need be!! :graucho:

    Like picking out an expensive handbag, you examine every aspect of that bag, deciding if it works into your wardrobe (color, shape, style), your lifestyle (size, weight, etc) BEFORE you buy it :P

    Treat your men the same way :nuts:

  9. I take it you're still in school? You're still young, don't worry... you'll meet your perfect match. I started dating my bf when I was 21! Up until that point, I thought I'd never ever meet anybody, & he turned out to be the best bf a girl could wish for!
  10. Don't put up with that crap! (sorry so harsh:yes:)

    You deserve a great guy, with all the qualities you're looking for. Some people find that person quickly, and others it just takes a little longer.

    Don't ever settle!
  11. You are young, these are not men- they are still boys :yes: Give it all time... you will def go through jerks until you find your man!!!
  12. the saying is soooo true - you are young - you gotta kiss alot of frogs before finding your prince. Take it from me - a former notorious crap magnet!
  13. Thanks for the reassurance guys, you're all so great!
    Cyber hugs to everyone!
  14. How are you meeting these guys?

    You might want to only date
    *guys your friends have already screened for you
    *new guys on group dates only so your friends can help you discover if he is a jerk
    *guys you date at least 3 times before you allow even a peck on the cheek (that will weed out the guys who's only agenda with you is sex)
    *guys who demonstrate BEFORE dating you that they are truly kind. Ask your friends for tips on how to tell this.

    Kind is a good indicator for many good things. Kind people don't lie to you unless its to tell you something like your new haircut isn't as bad as you think. Kind people aren't stingy. Kind people are considerate. I think kind is the most important word when choosing a guy.
  15. dating douchebags in high school is like a right of passage so later in life, when you're looking for something more serious, you know how to identify them and weed them out before you get involved.