Apparel on eBay

  1. I have a question for ladies who had experience in selling apparels on eBay. How much can one generally recover in selling brand new, never-worn high end clothing on eBay? By that I mean RTW from brands like LV, Chanel, Hermes, etc. TIA:flowers: .
  2. I'm an ebay seller of high end things (clothing, bags, etc)-it is definitely a way to recoup a portion of what you paid, but it will seldom if ever get you exactly what you paid-like driving a new car off the lot, even with the sticker on it, a new dimension has been entered. If you have the tags on the item, and a sales slip that you can divulge...and if the item is from Saks, NM, or the like...and if it's something people want, you will do well, but you must be willing to price to sell (an art in itself), work very hard on your description, take good pictures of the actual item, be prepared to answer lots of questions, ship as you say you will and leave good feedback. And even then sometimes, the bids are very disappointing. With few exceptions, clothes don't automatically "flip". I sell for myself and worked for a power seller, so I do hope this will help you-start small, build a rep, and who knows...good luck to you!
  3. Pugsonpurses, thank you so much for the advice!!! While I'm not a regular seller (only sell what i need to unload), more than half of my feedbacks are from selling high-end items (mostly handbags) so I think feedback-wise I should be okay, right? In terms of selling apparels, I was planning on doing it in the Buy It Now format. Do you think it will be more effective or should I do it by bids format? As for taking pictures, I am thinking of doing front, back, interior, sleeves, collars (if any), zippers (if any), care tags, as well as the original tags. What else should I consider? Last but not least, from your experience, how much % can you generally recover?

    Sorry for so many questions, I just have absolutely no experience when it comes to dealing with apparels.
  4. Yikes! The good news is that you have + feedback-and you are willing to start somewhere. When I sell a top, I measure back collar top to hem, sleeve shoulder to hem, sleeve underarm to hem, chest under arm, slits (if any), buttons if they are a big part of the "look". Is it lined-fully? or partially? Pockets-measure them. Fabric-what it is, and fabric care. Color-what can you compare it to? Tags? you can do - if it applies - New With Tag or New Without Tag. You need a good camera, the pricier the item the better the pix MUST BE. If you bought something one day, and want to sell it the next, OK, but think about this-you have yours for sale, the store has theirs for sale, other sites have theirs for sale...people have to decide to choose YOU. If you bought a blouse for $99, you're going to have to knock off a percentage-after all, you aren't the store-then you have to ask the buyer to pay s/h, too. If something is truly limited, you can start an auction closer to what you paid, but remember to most people ebay = deal. When I worked for the Power Seller, I did a lot of checking, starting with ebay-who else has one for sale-what do they want for it? For small sellers like us, saving a few cents on shipping should be less important than pleasing the buyer. A word on that, as all ebay PFers know-the more coveted the item, the more emotion enters the transaction-some of the scary stories I've been reading are eye-popping. Pricing is hard-the $99 blouse could go I think for a buy it now of $49-69 +-this may be shocking, but the more store sites you check out regularly (sign up for NM, Saks if you haven't-they bombard you with info) the more knowledge you gain about what everything costs, and that all enters into it, because you are asking someone to buy your thing-so is Wal-Mart, every catalog, every TV ad, etc-the easiest way for them to choose you is a lower price. Maybe there's a formula, I'm sure some of the big Hermes scarf people use one, I just study what's for sale EVERY DAY. I'm drinking coffee, must be on a roll-REMEMBER, start with something small, pristine, with tags, etc etc-and I will try and give more info w/less words! Again, good luck, list something and keep me posted!