Appalling Ebay Seller...

  1. eBay Seller: alienfriend7: Women's Accessories, Handbags, Clothing, Shoes Accessories items on
    This is disgusting. He basically just stole a whole bunch of auctions including ones I recognize from Achtung, and even has the nerve to say in one of his "real" fake b-bag auctions that he has "lots of Balenciagas for sale right now". I'm just messaging all the people whose auctions I recognize to let them know- other than reporting him to Ebay, is there anything else we can do?
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  2. I notified a few sellers last week that their pics were stolen, although it was a different seller. This happens constantly and they are 24 hour auctions so by the time you report them, they are over. Not sure if the seller can get banned or not but they will just resurface with a different name. :rant: :throwup: :censor:
  3. ^ Yeah, it really sucks. The scammers just keep getting more tricky finding ways to get around the system.
  4. good job girls, i just checked that seller's e-bay listings & they're all gone :wlae:
  5. It's awful because they just keep coming back under new usernames. I heard some of the userids they use are highjacked ones(you know those fake e-mail supposedly from Ebay or Paypal asking you to update your info or something). Seems like all I do is report these scammers everyday, but it doesn't stop them from reincarnating themselves and stealing more auctions. I bet it's the same people each time, too. I wish Ebay would do more to stop them. :sad:
  6. I have recently started selling on eBay and I find it amusing, in a very horrible way, that the only way they enforce not listing fake merchandise, is that you, the seller, click to confirm that you are not listing a fake.

    Yeah, these ass:censor: will have the intergrity of a snail to have the urge to sell fake merchandise, but when they see those red words stating it's illegal to sell fakes, that's going to make them turn around! Come on!


    I wish you well,

  7. Now that I watermark my b'bag photos, they haven't been stolen again (yet) but I had my words stolen by a lister and when I complained to ebay, I got a response that they didn't think the other listing was similar enough to mine. I mean, the lister had removed whole chunks of my text and I had found out because someone had emailed me to tell me! It's so annoying!
  8. I usually don't see the stolen picture auctions, because I filter out anything below $200. There are still some scammers that price things above that, though ... sometimes WELL above that!!!

    Wow...good to know that eBay has such high standards when it comes to this sort of thing. :mad: