Apostrophe 85 or the New Pigalle Pluto Platform 100

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  1. Hello all,

    I bought the kid leather black Apostrophy 85 but I think it shows too much toe cleavage as I have long toes. I tried on the new Pigalle Pluto Platform 100 kid leather and it shows less cleavage but I'm afraid with the platform, it looks more formal and work like pair of shoes.. Which pair will you pick if you can only keep one pair? What do you ladies think! TIA?

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  2. I like both pairs. Go with whichever feels the most comfy.
  3. Personally I like a little platform, I find them more comfortable. But that's just me. :smile:
  4. Platforms (even on Loubs LOL) are not a good look I don't care how much higher of a heel they let you get away with. Get a lower heel before you get platformed pumps.
  5. I love the apostrophe design!
  6. Personally I like non platform's and 85 mm heel is a good daily height, the Apostrophe is best even if it shows toe cleavage and I imagine you have good shaped feet to wear a nice pointy pump like these !
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  7. I just got myself a pair of the piagelle plutos and I knew my feet would last longer with the platform. Personally I find them a bit more comfortable then the Apostrophys. If you don't mind the platform do the Piagelle Plutos. You will get more "wear time" out of them.
  8. I don't have either of these shoes, but I like the platform better, I just love the look of platforms, thick or thin, doesn't matter! I don't care if they are "passe" or others don't like them. I have some single soled pumps too, but they are never as comfortable for me even if the heel isn't that high. It's hard to comment on the toe cleavage without seeing you model the shoes, I like some toe cleavage but sometimes it's just too much.
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