Apology to all - Lydie thread

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  1. Sorry, everyone. I wasn't aware of the rules about buying/selling messages--- my fault entirely for not reading the FAQ . The thread is now closed. I apologize to one and all for messing up. I hate the expression, "My bad," but in this case . ."my bag" was indeed "my bad."
  2. I don´t know the thread you mean, but ok!
  3. you made a mistake, didn't know what the rules were, it happens. i think it was really harsh to just close the thread but then i think this forum tends to be a bit anal about the rules. a mod could have just edited your post and reminded everyone of the rules. shutting down the whole thread seems really heavy-handed.
  4. When you join the PF, it is your responsibility to read and abide by the rules. Mods are here to enforce them. The thread was closed because it was turning into a discussion about buying/selling this particular bag. If you have an issue with that, then please bring it up directly with Vlad and Megs.
  5. like i said, i don't see why you or another mod couldn't have just edited the post and reminded everyone of the rules, that is all. it's just an observation, not an issue per se. it is alright to make observations, isn't it? or is that against the rules as well?
  6. Am I not permitted to respond? I humored you by giving you an explanation- not that I needed to- and yet you criticize that as well. Really, if you have an issue then use the PM feature- that is what it is for.
  7. Ladies please remember mods do not make the rules. The owners of the forum make the rules and we enforce them. You do not have to like the rules, but you need to follow them regardless of your personal feelings.

    Jag, our mod, was correct in her actions and not rude. She did what she is suppose to do...end of story.

    Threads are to be Hermes related and there should never be any indication of buying or selling.

    Cryptica, your apology is accepted, but I must say this thread needs to be closed as well.

    Sputnik, we can't like everything all the time, but try to look at the positives of this forum. Please enjoy it and follow the rules. Thank you!
  8. Thou hath been forgiveth. Now let's move on to bigger & better things.... :ninja:
  9. Everyone likes to be a monday morning quarterback, but we handle issues the way we do for a reason - we've found through trial and error that that's how it works best, and closing a discussion because it directly violates our rules is well within the realm of reason. we're not here to babysit, it's every member's responsibility to read and follow the rules themselves, and if we had to edit all the posts and post reminders, that's all any of us would have time to do. the rules are the rules, and we're "anal" about them because we're not asking a whole lot - don't swear, don't sell, don't promote your own business if you're not a regular member.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.