Apologies for some more pics - got my Silver Pochette!!

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  1. Love it..it's so festive! Grats on your new acquisition and doesn't look like the strap comes off.
  2. Lucky you! Congrats:love:
  3. Pretty!
  4. She's a beauty - CONGRATS!!!!!!!!
  5. I had to look really close at the several "scratches". It was *really* hard to tell, as they were really, really fine, but looking, and I couldn't tell by passing my finger over, I could just see that they appeared to be raised.

    I can't recommend you try anything, because if I'd been in a better mood, I certainly wouldn't have risked it, but, I used cotton wool, and Johnson's 3 in 1 cleansing lotion. There wasn't really anywhere to test, which wouldn't show, but I dabbed gently, left for about a slow count of 10, and then wiped off. Thankfully, it was glue, and all came off with no ill effects at all. (I just double checked now, so it's been a few days, and it's still now looking perfect)

    GO CAREFUL, and good luck!

  6. Very pretty! Congrats!!! :biggrin: I love pochettes!!!!
  7. Congrats!!!Very Nice!!
  8. Gorgeous bag! Congrats
  9. Congrats!!! she's pruttyyyyyyyyy
  10. Congrats! It's lovely :tender: :love:
  11. congrats!
  12. CONGRATS - so pretty!!! Wow...you're brave...can't believe you used your face cleanser??? Glad it worked out though...YAY!!!!!!
  13. congrats...
  14. OMG your pics are amazing...now I'm itching for this piece
  15. i love it! congrats!