Apologies for some more pics - got my Silver Pochette!!

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  1. Lovely! Congrats!:yahoo:
  2. its pretty wish had one just like that:smile:
  3. It doesn't look like it comes completely off (the strap) like regular pochettes...weird! Anyhoo...congrats...it's so bright and shiny!
  4. congrats, its such a cute evening bag!
  5. Very pretty...
  6. Congrats.
  7. Congrats. :yahoo: Beautiful. :love:
  8. Gorgoeus :drool::drool: congrtss
  9. Thanks again, everyone!!

    I'm all excited again!!

  10. Congrats! More pics are always welcome :smile:
  11. Oh wow, i wonder if what i think is a scratch on the back is also the glue residue, i am going to try cleaning it tonight too!!! So did you just use face cleanser? I am too scared to use anything on it!
  12. No luck yet. LV still hasn't called me. I went from totally optimistic to being very disappointed now. :sad: All I can do is admire everyone else's pochettes!
  13. Oh, by the way, I don't think the strap does come off...
  14. No the strap doesnt come off:sad:
    karman have you tried just walking into the store occasionaly? Although it might be due to the scratch but that pochette i got was just on the shelf and nobody wanted it, i have my hope up now that maybe its not a scratch and i can get rid of it!! I cant wait to come back home now to see if i can do it!!!:cursing:
  15. Niiice! Congrats! :yes: