Apologies for some more pics - got my Silver Pochette!!

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  1. Well, it finally arrived yesterday, and I must say, when I opened it up, the first thing I saw (apart from the sad, bit scraggy looking orange ribbon) was what I first thought were lots of little scratches on the back of the pochette!!


    After giving it a wipe, it turns out, that they weren't scratches, but really thin bits of glue, which *really* looked like the vinyl was scratched. I was so dissappointed, as I wasn't up to the 7 hour round trip to the store - which was why I got them to send, so, realising I was taking my life in my hands, I decided to give my ph neutral face cleanser, and some cotton buds a go!! Thankfully ladies, I can report I had complete success, and all the glue residue is now gone, and I have my lovely shiney pochette!!! :yahoo:

    I wouldn't advise the above course of action, but I've had a *REALLY* bad week re work this week - although I have to say it is improving - and so on this occasion, for the sake of my sanity, I felt desperate measures were called for. For sanities sake, I am thankful all worked out well, in the light of day now, I can't even contemplate the alternatives if all had gone pear shaped!!

    So, please bear with me, as I post some pics of my lovely new pochette.

    I've added a picture of the "round the wrist" option for the strap, but was surprised that there doesn't seem any way to remove the strap competely? Is that right, or just me not seeing the obvious? After my success with the glue, I felt I'd used my "luck quota" for the day, and left the strap well alone..

    Anyhoo, I'm loving my pochette, even thought I couldn't get the gold as they had all gone.



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  2. :nuts: Wow! Congrats!!! Look at the reflections....simply stunning:love:
  3. gorgeous!!!! soooo pretty!!!! you are so lucky!!:smile:
  4. Bling Bling :smile:
  5. Sooo jealous....so pretty :love: Congrats!
  6. Thanks, Ladies!!

    Karmen, have you had any luck getting yours yet?

  7. Lovely.:love:
    I want one.:sad:
  8. Congrats!! it looks like a chocolate bar yummmm....
  9. Congrats Kathleen!!! :biggrin:

    She's a beaut!
  10. Congrats:yahoo:
  11. Stunning, gongrats!
  12. Lovely find! Congrats!
  13. the more i see this pochette, the prettier i think it is. congrats!!!
  14. Congratulations! Me want one right now!
  15. Congrats, it's just stunning!