Apoline? Anyone?

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  1. Anyone deal with APOLINE on eBay? I don't know this seller but she's got some lovely items and before I bid, I'd like some reassurance......:flowers:
  2. SM.

    Can't find seller APOLINE, what's the item number ?
  3. Ack! L.....it's Apolline......two "L's"
  4. No, but her items seem to be authentic.
  5. Thanks, HL.....looking at that darling little harp cadenas........
  6. Nothing at all against the seller, I'm sure she is very nice, but the terms are a little difficult. Do not contact her until she contacts you. No Paypal. The exchange rate to Brit. pound is awful at the moment. 15pounds shipping, for a charm? I don't think it is worth dealing with this aggro. even tho I lust for this charm as well.
  7. I've heard good things about her and stuff is authentic.
  8. D., I was told that this seller operates under several eBay ID's. I have dealt with her under a different ID and it was NOT a pretty transaction. Items are authentic, though.
  9. Thanks, guys.......I'm passing on this one. I'm happy enough that I found the dang Pelican!
  10. Lucy, if she sells authentic, why would she need more than one ID? :shrugs:
  11. Gina, I have no clue. But I was told by a very reputable eBayer and member of perhaps the largest Hermes Yahoo group. I believe apolline et. al. are members as well. I checked the auctions under this seller's supposed alternate eBay ID's and sure enough, the wording and items were the same.
  12. Why have more than 1 Ebay ID? Some thoughts

    - I have 2 - one for selling one for buying . People buying from me , IMHO, do not need to know what size shirts my son wears....

    - Some Hermes scarf sellers have 2 IDS one to sell to Europe and one to sell to the USA. Reasons for this - most everyone in the US will pay by Paypal (which costs the seller 4% in fees) and require expensive international shipping. Whereas, many Europeans pay by check or bank transfer which costs the seller nothing.

    I've bought from Apolline & her items are expensive but 100 % authentic. I would work out any details ahead of time, eg you want a box or special shipping - make sure she takes Paypal or wants a different payment method.
  13. im having a little dilemma with this seller right now...

    i bought a bolduc scarf from her...she asked me to pay via paypal in Euros and the email addy where she wants me to send in the payment is different from her email addy on ebay.

    I was trying to send in the payment but it's weird that paypal wouldn't allow me to..accckkk...

    so i told her my problem and asked if she has any other suggestion as I really want the scarf (because originally the auction was in dollars)..she said that she just wants to cancel the transaction (even if I am trying to work another alternative)and it's not her responsibility that i couldn't send in the payment...
  14. ^That sucks. And it's awful of that seller not to be more helpful.
  15. amour, can't you click through ebay and send it that way -- and let her sort out her own conversion to euros and transferring it to another account? if she wants to sell on the US site, then it would seem the onus is on her to make herself accomodating to US buyers. plenty of other sellers do -- flossyfigaro is an excellent example of an overseas seller who makes things easy for US buyers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.