1. Hi There,

    Has anyone seen this film as I am going to see it tonight and wondered what it was like? I've heard it's totally gross?

  2. is it the one directed by mel gibson???
    i've only seen the trailer, but so looking forward to see it!

    please tell us what do u think of this film :p
  3. i saw it last night. wow, what an intense film. you won't be bored the entire time, and you'll literally be on the edge of your seat. funny i say that about this movie, since every time i hear someone else say that, i just roll my eyes because i think it's an exaggeration. but this film, yes, non-stop action. pretty gory, and i was filled with a sense of dread throughout, but it's really quite a memorable film. made quite an impression on me. i would definitely recommend it.
  4. I agree with rainyjewels, it's an amazing film that's definitely worth watching on the big screen!
  5. I watched it the other night and it was awesome, makes me feel like i was with the main character for the 2 whole hours. everyone go watch it. Two thumbs up!! :yes:
  6. The reviews here in the UK are pretty good, I want to see it, but I'm held back by it's supposed violence.

    How is it violent? Is it like Arnold Swarchenegger violent? Lol, cause I know I can handle that. :lol:
  7. it's a good movie. the violence is understandable, but it is gory, so if you are weak-stomached, skip it, or close your eyes! the movie kept me interested, and there is a plot/story, so it's not just about the violence.
  8. I saw this movie also and really liked it. Definitely violent but from what I've read is a pretty accurate depiction of how things were in the Mayan culture.
  9. I saw it, really liked it and it was a touching story. But yeah, had lots of gore.
  10. I thought this movie was great. While it is gorey its not as bloody as The Passion of the Christ.
  11. Can't wait to see it!
  12. I saw it here in Canada more than a month ago when it first came out. I liked it and so did hubby.
  13. I liked this movie. Was it violent? Yes. Did the violence have some sort of purpose? More so than any Arnie movie. The violence felt historically accurate so it didn't bother me. I thought the cinematography and scenery was quite amazing, though that little girl kind of freaked me out (and if you see the movie, you'll know which one I'm talking about).

    I would definitely say it's worth seeing. But I found that it had all the elements of the standard Gibson movie of late.
  14. This movie is very intense. I would definitely recommend everyone to go see it.