APO/FPO Address: Buyer Wants My 2k CHANEL

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  1. Which is nice but - I am not "desperate" to sell, if it means sitting here biting my nails and having a series of mini heart attacks over it :sad:

    (I was going to post in the old apo/fpo thread - but an alert popped up saying the thread was too old to be bumped LOL - so here's the new - I hope some of you can give me some insight ;) )

    Bascially, My Chanel bag auction is USA only.
    I have a buyer who wants my 2k Chanel bag and has asked if I would change my auction.
    She is an APO/FPO address.
    I have read in very old searched posts (2010!) saying I have no way of making sure that I am seller protected once that bag is out of my hands - as in no SC. DC is not enough for a 2k bag….
    Have the rules changed a bit since then??

    I do not feel good being unprotected with this :sad:

    Anyone do this regularly and have any advice? It would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I know that ebay protection will still apply even if you do not get a signature confirmation. They make exception to APO addresses. Not sure about paypal, though.
    I have shipped very expensive items to APO addresses in the past.
  3. Can she add a family member address to her PP account? You ship to the family member and they ship it to her.

    I don't know if I would take a chance on a bag that expensive. I sold a Coach bag for about $500 and shipped it to APO.
  4. I've shipped stuff to APO before and never had a problem, but it's only been inexpensive items.
  5. I really appreciate the responses Iris, noshoepolish, love4mom!!!

    I hate to discriminate for that reason (military). But also hate that its a 2k bag LOL
    Yes it is Ebay --
  6. I'm not certain about FPO, but I do know that you can get both DC and SC on APO addresses. I've had APO addresses in the past and have received purchases that I both tracked all the way to delivery and packages I had to sign for. They just put a slip in the box and you have to sign at the counter.

    Also... With an APO, its really easy to know who you're selling to and if there is an issue and they scam... They're fools, because it would be a piece of cake to contact the base to report the illegal activity, go up their COC and force resolution.
  7. We had an APO address when my husband worked for USAID in Asia a few years ago. As far as I remembered, we never sign for anything we purchased even for very expensive goods.
  8. I used to live in apo. You can get signature ulpon receipt. Esp if they are in europe as opposed to deployed.
  9. I am speaking for germany only. I got signature packages.
  10. It may say that, but it is done.

    I signed for packages regularly the entire time I was in Korea. Any time there was signature upon receipt, they had me sign for it when I brought my slip to the counter to collect. Much like with a regular PO box.

    But every SC package I received that I had a package slip for, I was required to sign for. That was an APO address in Korea. It was the same for my stateside APO address in California.

  11. Good to know!
  12. This is very helpful ladies….THANK YOU

    :love: Let me find out where she is located!!!!! She has good feedback 100% and 198 feedbacks 5 from 2014….
  13. All buyers have 100% positive feedback. They can only get positive feedback since 2008. What you need to look at is her feedback left profile.

    It does not matter where she is located. The bottom line is, you cannot get signature confirmation when shipping to APO address. It is not an option to purchase at the PO or online.
  14. Eh... we're Navy (and I also work in child abuse) and the COC doesn't always care as much as you think they might. I wouldn't base any reassurance on that... I've seen them ignore things much more serious than eBay purse fraud. (And yes, I'm sure there are folks with difference experiences but I wouldn't count on that as a safeguard for your items.) The military has very little actual recourse over civilians even if they live on base (implied threats and pressure are different...).