Apartment living??

  1. My fiancee and I are thinking about renting an apt. for a year or so after we get married.

    That way, we could save up a down payment for a house and I could be super close to the downtown law firms.

    My only concerns are:

    1-parking: I know there are assigned spots, but do cars get broken into/dinged up quite a bit?? Part of my criteria is that the apt. complex must be gated, but still...

    2-dogs: I have 2 little Chihuahuas that are trained both to a wee wee pad inside and a doggie door outside...is it 'mean' to take away a large yard that they are used to?

    3-noisy neighbors: what floor is best to live on? Top? Bottom?

  2. I'll try my hand at this -

    1. Parking - depends on the complex really. No idea about Phoenix though.

    2. Only you know your dogs the best. If you have the best of both worlds - outdoor and pad training - then the dogs should be ok. Just be ready to lose around $600 for the non refundable deposit (again - depends on where ya go).

    3. Top is be best for noise BUT you have to deal with the stairs (think dogs - first floor is best for them). Also - top floor is higher AC bill in summer.. but top floor is least likely to get busted in.

    Last - GET RENTERS INSURANCE!!! trust me. :yes: It is not expensive but more worth it than I can describe.

    ps I assumed Phoenix b/c your avatar indicated Arizona... I might be wrong on that. :smile:
  3. ^LOL yup in Phx....thanks so much for the info!! Very helpful :smile:
  4. Might add there's still noise between walls. And if this complex is located downtown you might consider the on going traffic noise day and night. I just finished living out a my first horrific year in an apartment! So glad it made us grit our teeth and make the plunge for a small house to get away from an apartment.

    Parking is a hassle. Always be aware of your neighbors and who they are if they park next to your car. Seen bad experiences from neighbors.

    If they have an elevator top floor still the best plus great for your doggies.

    Renters insurance is a must especially for your valuables and to avoid problems with the landlord when you are ready to vacate the premises for your eventual new home.
  5. 1. Parking: My apartment comes with a garage/storage and a driveway. It's enough space for two cars. There are some places that offer more than just a spot or port but it can cost a little more.

    2. Dogs: There are some places that will allow pets with an additional deposit.

    3. I like to live on the bottom because my daughter runs around and it works out better for our neighbors. If it's just the two of you I would suggest a top floor.
  6. 1. Parking in Arizona seems to be alright; all the apartment complexes downtown seem to be gated and all the residents get their own spots. However, I worked near S&W at the Arizona center, and it seems like the cars get broken into quite frequently.

    2. Dogs: They should be fine if you take them out for walks, they're small so they are suited to be house dogs.

    3. Top if you're a light sleeper and don't want people bounding around upstairs. Bottom if you don't mind not being woken up by people's footsteps.
  7. Thanks so much for the advice, everyone!!

    I am not looking forward to apt living, but I will def. take it over a 2 hour long commute to work 5x a week, KWIM?

    Lady Stara--I am thinking of the Biltmore area...close to downtown, but upscale and hopefully less crime! LOL
  8. In terms of safety, I'd say stay away from the ground / first / second floors.

    I live in a seventh floor apartment. Obviously, I keep my door locked whenever I'm home, but I just feel a lot safer.

    For parking, they'll assign you a spot. Just like when you park anywhere, be careful about what you leave in your care. Just because you can leave things there, doesn't mean you should.

    My apartment building has a fenced in area with a pool and grass. Maybe you could find an apartment like that and then your dogs could run around off-leash. (Or maybe find a building that's close to a dog park.)
  9. Congrats!!

    I'll take a shot as well even though I'm not familiar with AZ:

    1. Parking: try calling the police to get a petty crime report for the area you're considering moving to. If there's a property management firm running your apartment complex they may not be as forthcoming with this info. If your complex offers a secured garage it may be worth the extra expense plus you can get additional storage.

    2. Pets: that's a tricky one. If they're used to a yard and then wouldn't have the same setup, they may need extra attention to get them outside and walked...maybe find a spot with a nearby park or large common areas to walk them.

    3. Neighbors and noise: this is pretty unavoidable with apartment living. Feet stomping, stairs, elevator beeps, kids, slamming doors, loud talking, car engines...it's just part of the package. Ideally it's best to be on the end of a building so you have fewer common walls, and try to make sure your bedroom wall is not directly against your neighbor's. I used to live in a place where apartments were opposite mirror-imaged, so the common walls were the kitchens and laundry and bedrooms were as far apart as possible. Genius!

    I also recommend the top floor. True, you get more heat rising on top than on the bottom but it will be quieter in general...no stomping feet above you. Plus you have a better chance at a vaulted ceiling which gives you the illusion of more floor space.

    Good luck!
  10. The Biltmore area should be fine!! My friend's bf developed the ones on 24th street, the high rise ones. Those are nice, but definitely pricey. I'd pick somewhere around there but not on the first floor. I met with Stef this Friday :smile: we should all meet up!! I hope your cold is better.
  11. ^oooh I think I know which ones ur talking about!! They are gorgeous!!

    I wish I could have met up with you 2 the other night--hopefully I will kick this dumb cold and be able to go shop again!! LOL
  12. ooh, almost forgot, I second the Renter's Insurance...worth every penny!
  13. If you can afford it (and if it's available), go for buildings with doormen (and doorwomen). Or 24 hour security and/or cameras.
  14. Couturegirl, we should meet up for dinner/shopping with stefania!!
  15. I live on the second floor..no elevator, so bringing up groceries from the car is a bit of a pain, as I always do it by myself. I wanted to be at least one floor up from the ground for safety reasons. However the people above us, every night at 9:30-11 I swear just freakin walk laps and right above my head there is a really creaky spot in their floor, it wakes me up...its nothing but walking back and forth for hours! lol So its much quieter if you are on the top floor.

    My chi is fine with living there and we went from a large house to this...she adjusted just fine. I usually take her for walks to get the mail.

    So far parking has not been a problem...we are also near a utility shed and car wash so it would be a bad idea for anyone to try anything there. Our apartment is gated but half the time someone has busted through the arm and the gates are kept open.