Apartment hunting in LA!

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  1. Hi,

    I wasn´t sure where to post this but hoping it´s the right subforum.

    I´ve been looking for a furnished studio apartment in Los Angeles, CA (preferably in Santa Monica) that I can rent for a month at a time for a cost under $2500. I have yet to find anything, I did go and had a look at one apartment in Santa Monica but it was low and behold $3500 a month for a studio which I think is crazy! The actual apartment wasn´t anything extraordinary but I do get you pay for the location itself. I´m at a dead end here and I can´t find what I´m looking for so I´m hoping ya´ll can maybe pitch in with suggestions? Is anyone else aprtment hunting in LA?

  2. Really, nothing? :P
  3. Are you working with real estate agents or just looking on your own? I would think agents have a decent let of rentals. Good luck.

    Try www.realtor.com. Type in rentals the the area or town you are lookin in. Also go low to high for the search.
  4. You can look at craigslist too but to be honest you are probably not going to find a month to month rental. Most require a 6 month lease. Also Santa Monica has rent control so when someone is ready to move the property owner can increase the rent but not while someone is renting.
  5. If you want something furnished for one month close to the beach, have you looked into vacation beach rentals?