Apart from Hermes bags, will you spend US3-7k on a non-Hermes bag?

  1. I was reading fashion magazines these days and found lots of new IT bags (like Fendi, Loewe) sell for over USD3k these days, and I found the prices are amazingly high. I have never spent thousands on a bag except Hermes. I guess the reason is that Hermes is value for money (as it lasts forever and can pass to another generation); and to me, the brand name itself is ultimate which no brand can replace.

    I guess I will never spend thousands on a bag except Hermes.
  2. I would not spend $3k on a non hermes bag, the most I spent was $2495 for a black expandable chanel flap, that was a while ago and since I have not spent that on a bag.
    On a hermes I would.x
  3. before hermes the most I had spent on a bag was around 2k....for the fendi spy...and I bought the leopard pony hair YSL muse bag...

    all sold once I bought Hermes
  4. I wouldn't. Most "fashion" bags are made of what I find to be less than superior materials, and often made without the care we get accustomed to by being familiar with Hermes.

    I might spend $1000, tops, but I'd have to be in love with the thing and also not have my eye on any H scarves, or cashmere, or anything else at Hermes at the moment.
  5. It depends on the bag...
  6. I have spent alittle over $3k on some Chanels...right now there is nothing on my list over 3k except for hermes.
  7. No way.
  8. I find it very hard to part my money for a non-H bag .... seriously.
  9. Well, not at once over 3K...But Gucci, BV, YSL, Valextra here and there - there you go $$$
  10. Yes, I would spend the money on a BV bag.
  11. yes sometimes depends on the bag . while h is my love number one i still have one night stands with other designers (particularly when i need a bag in a style h does not offer)
  12. Unfortunately, I am now hooked on H only... No more LV, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Chloe for me...
  13. I used to but not anymore. I'm selling my last Chanel bag and won't be buying anymore.

    Hermes quality and the fact they are timeless just makes it worth every penny. All my other non-H bags I tend to get sick of.
  14. Only BV.
  15. No way. Only Hermes.