Apart from Designer shoes what other brands do you like?

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  1. #1 Jan 20, 2009
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    Apart from Designer shoes what other brands do you like?

    I haven't invested in a pair of designer yet .. I really want to.. this year i will have to start my collection. but apart from the designer pair what else to you wear.
  2. I wear my Havaianas everywhere.
  3. I like BCBG Girls, especially when I'm going somewhere where I know my shoes are going to get messed up.

    I love Banana Republic's ballet flats. I wear my pair at least three times a week.

    For less expensive "nice" shoes, I also like Max Studio, Boutique 9 and Charles David.
  4. Heres a few pictures of mine. I love the likes of Aldo, French Connection, Irregular choice, Report Signatures.. to name a few.
    20012009430.jpg 20012009423.jpg 20012009418.jpg 20012009416.jpg 20012009420.jpg
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    heres a few more
    20012009421.jpg 20012009424.jpg 20012009427.jpg 20012009429.jpg
  6. I think it is a requirement to own Rainbows if you live in So. Cal. They are so comfortable and people wear them all the time, no matter the weather.

  7. I like Franco Sarto, Enzo Angiolini, recently discovered Ash, which are amazing!, Vialis, Linea Paulo, do Michael by Michael Kors count as non-designer?

    I wish you well,

  8. p.s. I do love your first pair, the white and black, as well as the red spotted ones!
  9. I love some of Beverly Feldman's quirky shoes. I have a few pairs and I never worry about ruining them which makes wearing them stress-free.
    Stud Muffin 001.JPG Beverly Feldman Stud Muffin Slides BLACK LINEN.jpg Turned-On 001.JPG Beverly Feldman Turned-On Pumps GRAY DENIM.jpg
  10. I'm a nut for Charles David, and for kick-around boots I have to have Nine West.
  11. Havaiana flipflops and Nine West boots are my staple shoes! I wear flipflops in the summer when I really need to walk somewhere and ditto for boots in the winter. I don't think I'd ever buy expensive boots because I walk everywhere in them.
  12. I adore my Nine West Gallivant boots, and Coach has the best inner soles ever!
  13. Enzo. Cute, reasonably priced, and very comfortable.
  14. I love Nine West. I recently got a pair of Leather boots for around $100 and they are so comfortable.
  15. Nine West, Aldo