AP: Sexual Misconduct Plagues US Schools

  1. disturbing.

    i've dated three male high school teachers, and they were all varying degrees of INSANE :shocked:.
  2. "I guess it was just lust of the flesh"....
    what a sick pervert!!
  3. school is not going to be viewed as safe anymore
  4. Amanda I'm not judging you I'm just curious? Why did you date three HS teachers? I'm assuming you were in HS at the time? But perhaps not?
  5. lol everyone's first question is "where you in high school when you did that?!?!?!" no, it was this past year. i'll be 22 in December. it was just kind of random. one was the roommate of one of my good male friends, one was a friend of my boss who i met at one of his cookouts, and the third was a guy i met at a bar. they were all absolutely UNHINGED. well, the first one was crazy in a different, less traumatic way than the last two. but still. nuts. my boss still makes fun of me for all of them.
  6. My stepsons are always talking about certain male teachers at their small private school being "perverts" around the female students. Then again, the way some of those girls dress is :shocked: to say the least. I am not saying they ask for it but c'mon, we all know how men are. Don't give them any ammunition!!
  7. 'kay... there's plenty of sexual misconduct going around, and not just in the education field....every profession has their share of perverts....

    ....i have male friends and relatives in educational positions & they aren't crazy or inappropriate, yet the students will talk about how certain girls in short skirts who sit in the front rows will get As in their class.

    And I just have to arch an eyebrow because I know how untrue, stupid, and unreliable that statement is about them....

    ....but it persists.

    No wonder the number of good male teachers continues to shrink year after year. Especially when more money can be made elsewhere w/o the accusations & the wondering "why would a guy want to teach elementary school anyway?" or at a high school where the dress codes aren't enforced & the girls walk around in itty-bitty shorts & teene weenie tees and lots of midriff & cleavage.... and they can't even look at their students w/o being accused of something!
  8. I know some people are going to have issues with what I'm about to say, but it's the truth.

    Teachers are an ordinary lot; they are not more disposed to being abusers (although, of course, perverts may seek the profession).

    It's the teachers' unions that are at fault, because sexual misconduct has become an issue because it is so ridiculously hard to get rid of a teacher who is accused of abuse.

    My sister decided to attend a public high school in NYC. She knew of two teachers accused of being sexually inappropriate with students, but no action was taken just because of the sheer no. of steps a principal has to take to fire a teacher or even re-assign a teacher (and they most often wound up being re-assigned). One of my sister's teacher joked to a classroom that he could expose himself in front of them and he wouldn't get fired. John Stossel, I believe, did a report on how hard it is to fire underperforming and misbehaving teachers.

    The major political party that's a stronghold in my state is a major of the problem.*trying not to get overtly political*. They are in bed with Randi Weingarten and the UFT. They perpetuate the problem, yet saying they are "fixing" the system by dumping more money into it. :tdown:
  9. My Trig teacher in high school would put his crotch on the desk of female students when he went over to their desks to help them. And he liked to have certain females sit in front with short skirts on. He was 58 at the time.

    And my AG English teacher at the SAME high school dated a student while she was in school. I was the first one to pick up on it and everyone thought I was crazy. Then they got caught.

    I think the most horrible thing I heard about though was not done by a teacher, but it happened on school grounds. The principal of the middle school was married to a much older man. He would often stop by to visit her and hang out with some people he knew on staff. Somewhere in all that time he managed to get a 6th grader at the school, pregnant. Apparently it occurred in the locker room bathroom or something.