AP for spring.....

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  1. OK...so I keep looking at the swatches and I would love to have a bright color AP for the spring. I don't really need it but hey, may as well get something on that wishlist!!!!

    SO....is anyone getting one???? If so, what color???
  2. I want to know more about what the Yellow Sheen is like - colour and durability. It might be for a Kiss Me Clutch or an Angel Purse.
  3. I requested some swatches so if those get here before anyone reviews the yellow sheen, I will update you!!!! I would love something yellow!!!!
  4. I have a Mustard Be Mine but no true yellow bags or purses. I look forward to hearing what you think of your swatch.
  5. I am getting a Pink Sheen and a Cobalt Sheen. I'm also lusting after one in Burnt Orange or mottled gold.
  6. Pink sheen keeps tempting me but I'm not falling for it! LOL! I want to complete my order for a bag first! I would like another AP at some point but maybe not until late Spring or early Summer. I guess it depends on what's in stock later or perhaps a bespoke forms for one in a nice color!
  7. I'm also very keen to hear how Cobalt Sheen comes out, not for a bag but maybe for a small item.
  8. Oh, mottled gold would be awesome!! Or burnt orange! I have a WTM Midi ordered in yellow sheen but I requested a February delivery date so won't have it for a little while yet. But Jackie was very excited about the WTM in the yellow sheen with gold hardware. I am totally going off her word!! Good thing she has good taste!
  9. WHOA......TL....good for you for going with a bold color. I don't have enough guts to do something that bright. I have been wanting a bright stinking yellow bag for a while but I just can't pull the trigger on it!!!! Can't wait to see your pictures of it!!!

    Yes....there MUST be a bespoke for some cute little APs in a couple of months!!!
  10. I LOVE yellow! Not bright neon yellow but sunshine, sunflower, happy yellow! I had a Rebecca Minkoff bag in yellow that I loved but with a shoulder issue right now I just couldn't use it. The WTM is my substitute for my gone but not forgotten RM! A burnt orange AP to go with a yellow bag would be so gorgeous!!! :nuts:
  11. I cannot wait to see the WTM in yellow!

    I think for an AP I would like perhaps yellow or petrol next....
  12. Yellow is my favourite colour too! I've never worn yellow clothing or a bag though, but I totally applaud your decision to get a WTM in it and I can't wait to see it!:tup:
  13. I still wish that there was a beautiful emerald green available - would be a gorgeous glimmer of colour in the AP
  14. I am REALLY looking forward to that bag, BTW. Did you do a fuchsia lining? that will be to DIE for!! :drool:
  15. I actually did light blue lining and gold hardware with Jackie's guidance. I know the fuchsia lining would be hot but I wanted it to be more subdued and girlie than hot rocker chick, if that makes sense! LOL! And I'm hoping that it can be a year round bag so thought that the fuchsia might make it more summery. I carried my RM yellow MAM all year and felt fine with it so I hope I can do the same with my new BE WTM! I hate to wish away time but February will not come soon enough!! :sweatdrop: