AOL goes FREE!!!

  1. AOL Announcement -- Frequently Asked Questions

    The announcement came out "officially" today...AOL is now providing services free to anyone who has their own internet service provider. This is HUGE! I was plotting my departure from AOL (rumored to be a minimum four hour angst-ridden process) because I see no point in continuing to pay $25.90/month for the convenience of keeping my e-mail and favorite places when I have high-speed through my phone company...and now I don't have to! :yahoo:

    If you are a current AOL subscriber and want to change your service, the number to call appears in the FAQs. You can even FIND it! And my total call time was 25 minutes...of course high call volume since the news hit today.
  2. I haven't had AOL for a while, but I did sign up for AOL music as part of a program and it signed me up for AOL too. When I called to cancel a few weeks ago, the lady said, "Now, I'm not supposed to do this yet, but you can keep your AOL email and things for free!" I had to explain to her (again) that I didn't actually USE it. I thought it was nice though! It took me about 30 minutes too, as opposed to the 2 hours I spent a few years ago trying to cancel. Grr.
  3. cool i am emailing this to my dad to let him know ! :smile:
  4. Omg, this is such a great news!!! :nuts: I'm going to call then this week!!

    THANK YOU!! :flowers:
  5. I just read the e-mail..Yipee!!! My dad will be so happy..he has his own business & uses aol (dial-up). He's been thinking about switching to comcast so we can have all 3 computers going at once. But, the price for both services has been making him shy away. Now he doesn't have to worry about the $50.00 a month for comcast & the fee to keep aol just for the e-mail address. So excited now when he switches I will be on here all day!!!LOL
  6. t4p. I suppose I'll call tomorrow @ 3 am :smile:
  7. Wow!!! That is great!!!!!!!!! This will really boost them...
  8. You are right-cancelling AOL is a real :censor:. It takes so much time, and they just won't shut up. Even when my mom's credit card was stolen & I had to cancel all of her accounts, AOL kept trying to persuade me to keep that account open. So annoying.