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  1. Summer Is the Time to Accessorize

    [​IMG]Like every other woman, I too have a bag fetish. I love to shop ... especially for purses. Summer is a time that you want to pull out your cutest bags and accessorize. In my opinion, nothing goes better with a fabulous summer bag than an equally great pair of sunglasses. So, I decided to check out what designer brands people were searching on AOL Search.
    Topping off the list is the classic Coach, followed by everyone's favorite Chanel and Prada. I actually did not even know that Brighton and Cartier made handbags because those are brands that I think of with jewelry and watches. At least I learned something new ... and possibly some new brands to add to my purse wardrobe ;)
    What is your favorite designer brand?

    Top Designer Brand Searches on AOL Search:
    1) Coach
    2) Chanel
    3) Prada
    4) Burberry
    5) Brighton
    6) Dooney and Bourke
    7) Bebe
    8) Cartier
    9) Vera Bradley
    10) Gucci