AOkay Offical Toki Stock

  1. I was just there yesterday. My friend bought her first toki bag- a tutti stellina!!! It's so adorable! They had quite a few tutti pieces. From what I remember , there were 2 tutti giocos, another stellina, a ciao, a campeggio, a luna, a dolce, a bambino and a canguro. They also had quite a bit of fumo, spiaggia, adios star, a piece or two in pirata and some lamore. Their store is sooo cool!! They said they'd be getting more tokidoki like apparel!!! Oh and they have punch cards!! If you spend $10 or more per visit and visit 10 times, you get 15% off your entire purchase on the following visit!!! Looks like I'll be visiting often.:tup:
  2. yay!! congrats to your friend on her first toki!! :woohoo:
  3. tell your friend, congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of Tokidoki!
  4. the people there are super nice!
    i love it there!