Anyyone want this? Saks website now!!!

  1. i saw this one at Saks in Washington, DC as well for anyone who wants to take a look at it in person and lives in the area.
  2. So does this color look better IRL?
  3. A few questions about this bag:
    mezmari, how did this look IRL? Was it very shiny? Also, is this a good price for the Mahala. I'm kind of liking this green color.

    Will the suede parts make the bag look old quickly? Should I get it in all leather instead?

    Sorry for all the questions but I'm new to Jimmy Choo so I am not familiar with their pieces. Thanks for your help.
  4. halunfishie - I've seen this bag numerous times IRL. It was called "Bone" by JChoo, but seems recently renamed to "Sage." The patent is very shiny. The green color has variations. The suede is more on the taupe side and not as green as the patent. Several Choo girls here have liquid patent, but in different colors (the Cognac, or Plum LP).

    Yes, it is a good price. However this color didn't seem to sell nearly as well as the Cognac or Plum. Not sure why, but my theory is that the other two colors were much more "fall looking," which is when it was introduced. Depending on how much you like it, you may want to weigh the risks of waiting for it to go to 50% off.

    I do not think the suede parts would make it look old (use-wise) or dated. You do need to be a little more careful with patent. It is plastic coated leather and can get scuffs or scratches like regular leather, but it is not as easy to disguise.
  5. Thank you for answering all my questions jburgh. You and abilicious have been very kind in being so thorough with your answers :tup:.

    I'm really liking this bag after seeing the pictures of abilicious' black Mahala and also browsing through all the other pictures. I like the contrast of the patent and suede versions. I saw the plum color on the Jimmy Choo website and it is gorgeous :heart:! I do like that better than the sage/bone but it would cost $600 more which I'm not sure I can justify when I can get the same one (different color) for less.

    Also from enlarging the pictures on the website, it looks like the plum is uniform in color but the sage/bone one is blothcy - green in some areas and light brown in others. Not sure if this is just the lighting. Does it look like this IRL? Thanks for being patient with the JC newbie.
  6. Yes, the Sage definitely has variations in the color. It is gorgeous!!!! I have the Malena bag in Plum, and it is beautiful, but I would have gotten the bag in Sage if it came in the medium size. It only came in large.

    The Sage is an all year round color and much more neutral than the Plum. I would definitely go for it!!!!
  7. This color may be my next Choo and my first Mahala!
  8. I'm thinking this over too. I actually like this color better than the plum, this color works better with my stuff.
  9. Currently on sale at for $690.95... HURRY!!!!
  10. Great deal - I got my Mom to order this one for herself.