Anywhere you're self-conscious?

  1. Is there anywhere you hesitate to bring your high-end bags? And if so, for what reasons?

    For instance, my family is not very well off, but when I go home I'm not self-conscious of my bag because they are totally oblivious to brand names and trends. At church, on the other hand, I'm definitely cognizant of which bag I'm carrying, and worrying that people are thinking the worse of me for it, like that I'm too materialistic.
  2. imho, people in church are there to learn how to be kind to people, not to judge them....
  3. No, and I don't think you should worry about it either. If people are just sitting there judging you during church, then they shouldn't be there, IMO. You earned those bags, why shouldn't you wear them w/ pride?
  4. while i don't have anything like your collection, i def tailor what bag i'm carrying for the crowd that will be seeing it. i think it would be wrong for others to judge, but i can see not bringing anything too flashy to church... if it was a nice bag without big logos, i think it would be okay.

    i stay away from taking too-nice bags to school functions, because i don't want my classmates to think i'm snobby/spoiled.
  5. Not self-conscious so much as trying to be respectful... I try to make sure the bag I'm carrying is appropriate for the function and outfit. If I'm going to a funeral or some sort of family function, I don't want a bag that screams luxury fashion because it seems disrespectful, somehow.

    Most of my designer bags are subtle anyway, though. The only people who would realize what they are, are maybe a few of my wealthier cousins.

    Sometimes if I'm going to visit my parents I won't bring a new bag because my mom will notice and even if she doesn't know the brand, knows that the level of quality must have been reflected in the price, and she'd rather see me saving all of my extra cash.
  6. Well, I try to choose a bag that's appropriate for my outfit and occasion (and the weather too...)

    I would not bring my LV mono or Coach signature on a job interview, for example. Instead I'd choose something understated that doesn't announce what it is.

    I would be self conscious taking a high-end bag to a sporting event. In a crowd, bags end up getting squished on a seat or on a dirty arena floor - yuck! For these I take an old, trusty Nine West small hobo.
  7. LOL--same!

    My mom has never spent over $100 for a purse, and she'll tell you that with pride.
  8. I would not carry out my high end bags when its raining hard or to the beach, anywhere or anytime it might ruin the bag. Otherwise, I carry it with me always.
  9. Yeah my frugal mom warned me last weekend when I was casually interrogating her about what brands she liked (since mother's day is fast approaching) that if I bought her an expensive bag she would be sad and angry with me. haha
  10. my grandma has a cream-colored ferragamo that's lovely but has seen better days. i can't wait until i graduate from law school, so i can buy her a new one. :smile:

    on the interviewing front: i had to interview applicants to work as my boss, and one woman came in with a mulberry roxanne. i wanted to hire her on the spot. :roflmfao:
  11. Mmm... I won't wear my high end bags in sketchy areas. That's probably the only time I feel self-conscious.
  12. My father is the kind of guy who thinks that anything you want in the world can be bought from either Wal-Mart or Costco, so as far as he's concerned I get my bags from china town ;)
  13. lol that's hilarious!!
  14. Not really aside from areas I think might be high in crime. I put more thought into be appropriate for the occasion (I won't wear flashy bag to a job interview, etc.). As for everywhere and everyone else, if they're going to judge me based on one bag then I don't want to know them anyway.
  15. I take my bags Everwhere