anywhere to find RED class 2.55?

  1. I want one so bad...does any one know? please help me...I am dying to get one. :crybaby:
  2. eBay is your only bet now, and a red will go well over retail price.

    All chanel stores are completely sold out of the red in medium and jumbo. So many members tried to get one, but not one of them managed it!!!

    Next spring a reissue is being released in red, so think about getting your name down now on a list for the next red one :smile:
  3. did u girls mean this one? my dad bought it for me today :heart:

  4. dutchess - is that leather or fabric? It's a beautiful bag - congrats!
  5. i am desperately waiting to see the red spring reissue also!!
  6. ah, the one above is the jersey bag. Its ultra cute, but not leather :smile:

    Congrats on your gorgeous bag, your dad sure is a good one :biggrin: ;)
  7. duchess, you lucky girl!! What a sweet daddy you have.
  8. Oh what a great dad you have dutchess!

    May I ask how much the flap bag was? I love it!
  9. awww thanx girls you'r so sweet :girlsigh:

    yes it is jersey!! i love love love it!! i've been wanting a red chanel for so long now!!:yahoo:

    i did not ask him how much it cost since it was a gift, he's the sweetest!!
  10. a week ago, there is a red distressed leather 2.55 at Saks MI... i can't remember exactly which store it is... i believe its Troy MI Saks...
  11. I recall seeing that RED JERSEY east-west flap (pictured above) at NM a month or two ago and the price was $1,9xx ($1950 or $1975, I don't remember the last two digits exactly). Such a gorgeous red with a stunning chain!