anywhere to authenticate a purse?

  1. is there any other way to authenticate a purse besides posting pics on here?
    like a place to take to? just wondering... Thanks!
  2. Pics here are really the best way.

    You could take it to a store like Chloe or Saks or NM, etc and ask the SAs. But I don't think they like to do that. Also, I suspect we are all more knowledgable in many ways than the SAs. Everytime I visit the Chloes the SAs are clueless about the variants and finer points of the handbags.

    Good luck!!
  3. I AGREE!! this is the best place to get bags authenticated! :yes:
  4. You can also go through Mypoupette, but you'll have to pay a fee. I think Mypoupette is great if you need real, hard evidence that you have a fake bag in your hands and need paper documents to support your claims.


    There are also a couple of sellers on eBay who offer an authenticating service, again, for a small fee - they look at the auction and give you their verdict on the bag. Chloe 'authentication service' for bag s and handbag s (item 250086283328 end time 01-Mar-07 18:09:19 GMT)

    IMO - tPF is the best place to go for pictorial authentication, because you're getting many differing opinions on the same bag, and someone may pick up on something that another member has missed.

    Plus, it's free!!;)