Anywhere I can get a used Chloe? for Cheaper?

  1. I really want a paddington, and I was wondering if there are online sites that sell gently used bags for cheaper~~ Since the retail is sooo expensive >.<

  2. You could also try eBay. But make sure to post it in the authentication thread first. They're are a lot of fakes out there.
  3. Call every Nordstrom Rack. I find higher probability of finding a Chloe item in states such as OR, CO and UT. There is a chance that you might get one, usually at $599 or $699. You can find their phone numbers online if you do a search. is another source, I believe they auction authentic items only.
  4. Try Linda's stuff as well. There isn't any paddy at the moment, but her prices are usually very reasonable
    Good luck!