Anywhere has Balenciaga Gift Box for sale?

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  1. I recently bought a used turqouise first, but it doesn't come with a gift box :P I know I know it's for my own use so it seems un-necessary to have one, but weirdo as I am I like to collect things as complete as possible, so I just think it would be nice if I can buy it somewhere. Does anyone have suggestion of where I can get one (Except eBay)? Thx!! :love:
  2. i don't know about balenciaga, but on LV thread there's this issue, adn some girls said that lv boutiques can give the box for free, BUT that depends on the SA too :P
  3. I would call BalNY and ask them. Tell them it got lost during a move or someone broke it.
  4. Gee ... I must be the only person who has TONS of them! I've never even thought of putting them up on eBay, because I would be concerned that the scammers would buy them and then attempt to use it as a ruse to sell their crap.
  5. CeeJay, burukogepanda must have drooling reading your thread :roflmfao:
  6. hahaha... I want boxes too! I have my bags hanging in a special cabinet wearing their dustbags b/c they look out of place in my box closet, but I'd love to put them in their rightful place with all my other fabulous items in pretty packaging!
  7. Seahorseinstripes you are so right!!! :shame: Unfortunately cannot buy or sell here :hysteric:
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