Anywhere else I can find this bag?

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  1. I know eBay of course, there are 2 on there right now, but are there any other sites that i could check for this bag? Don't ask me why, but I really like it still, should have picked it up last year for the summer, but I didn't.

    Thanks for any help!!


  2. Never hurts to call Coachs 800 number...they do keep some things around. Give it a shot!
  3. In about 1-2 months, Coach should be putting out a line like that if they are going to offer it this year. - at the outlets...
  4. They had this at the outlets last summer so I wasn't sure if they would have it again since I am still new to all of this :smile: I should have gotten it then!

  5. I have that same bag in a different style (same pattern and everything.) I love it! Good luck!