Anyway to hasten patina on silver Farandole necklace?

  1. I have a chaine de ancre bracelet that is about 5 years old and it has the most beautiful patina, a nice soft glow. I purchased a Farandole necklace a few months ago and it is soooo shiny. I wear it a couple of times a week, but I really want it to develop the same nice soft patina that my bracelet has. Any ideas on how to accelerate the development of the patina?
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    You can hasten tarnishing with sulphur and chloride. But there a difference between patina, which includes scratches from wear, and tarnish, where the metal blackens or yellows over time. I'd try wearing it nonstop for a few weeks, for starters. A jeweller can apply a solution to bring up the tarnish (liver of sulphur). If you're a do it yourself type, you can put it in a ziplock bag with a hard boiled egg overnight and use a polishing cloth to remove the tarnish you don't want.
  3. mistikat's right, I think the egg is the easiest process :P
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    Thanx for tips mistikat..
  5. Wow, that's very interesting. Thank you for sharing this Mistikat.
  6. I just wore mine a lot and it lost its shine quickly - almost too fast for my taste.
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