anyway to get a charge send from the outlets?!

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  1. I located the black lurex wristlet thanks to the PFer that just posted about hers! But there is no way for me to go that far. Woodbury Commons is a battle enough for me. how do I go about obtaining this? I know Lee outlet and Lake George has them.
  2. Try calling. I'm sure you can find their number from a google search (sorry I'm not more helpful!). If you want to pay with a credit card, I don't think there would be too much of a problem. Even if they are able to just HOLD the bag for you, maybe till this weekend or something, then that way at least you know its almost yours. I sent you a PM too btw. Good Luck!
  3. They will only do it if you pay the retail price and not outlet. This is to keep the outlets more like a trip to get the deal.
  4. Have you tried looking for it on eBay?