Anyway to find out what style a Dooney is by its serial code?

  1. Is there any website or anything [much like Coach's DrillDown] that I can use to find out the name of my Dooney? I dont need it Authenticated, I know its real..But I want to know the name. ;)
  2. post a pic of the bag i can maybe tell u what it is and also go to the dooney website and can speak to live help from 9-5 M-F or call the 1 800 number
  3. =] Here she is. # K366642
    9856 001.jpg 9856 002.jpg
  4. signature anniversary mini barrel sorry about my late reply had to finish up my exam and papers.. very nice bag though is very consertaive and versatile
  5. Thanks a heap!

    I got is a gift from a lady whos purses I sell for her! Im not a big Dooney collector, but this may be the start of a nice collection!

    Could you tell me the year it was made and how much it went for?

    Ahh im so excited! She gave it to me in great condition. Only used a couple times though! Man. If only it didnt reak of cigarette smoke.
  6. well i would have to say your style is from about 2 or three years ago and the were about $ 100 .... they did do an update of your bag can check on and check it out ... hope you enjoy your bag ... i very much am really luving dooney ( so much variety for all my moods)