Anyway to clear scratches on metal buckle

  1. i have a gucci GG belt but encounter some scratches on the metal buckle. any way to clear it off ?
  2. Im afraid not!
  3. I don't think there is anything you can do about it :sad:
  4. :sad: damn. if the leather got scratch nothing can do about it also ?
  5. Leaher can be treated with boot ploish to disguise the scratch but there is nothing you can do to "fill it" persay. You hav to be super accurate about coour matching though. Gucci or a cobler might help with this....
  6. SORRY!! I have broken a nail and keep missing keys!!!:nuts:

  7. OMG it is so annoying I am getting it repaired tomorrow...... Glad that amused you because I am ashamed to have one stumpy finger along side four long. I can't bare how it looks!!!! (PS that paragraph was spell checked!!);)
  8. :nuts: