Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better!

  1. Let's see if this takes off........

    Create a sentence using only 1 letter for each word in the sentence.

    I'll start.

    Arthur antagonized Amy's Aunt Alice's anteater.

    The next person will use the letter B and so on.
  2. B-

    Barmy Brian Boldly Bit Betty's Bottom
  3. Creepy Cathy commented coldly.
  4. How many words does the sentence have to have?
  5. No rules:smile:
    Just have each word start with the same letter.

    I think some letters like X Z Q are gonna be hard.
    Maybe we should skip those.:roflmfao:
  6. Okay cool.

    Darlin', Does Darryl Do Dishes?
  7. Every Elephant Eats Eggs.
  8. Frank fell face first.
  9. Gary Got Glenda Golden Glasses.
  10. Harry Hates Hairy Heffers.
  11. Iggy Is Infected Indefinately.
  12. Josh jeered Justin jealously.
  13. Kate Killed Kerri's Kind Kangaroo.
  14. Letting Leo lecture Larry leaves Lenny Lost
  15. Monique made mad moolah making mountain mittens